Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday catch up

Firstly the photo prompt for today is the Colour Orange.  I recently bought a lovely set of Yankee Candles from QVC (they also came in two gorgeous boxes which was another reason for buying them) and two of the candles are different shades of burnt orange.  They smell absolutely gorgeous (although DH isn't always in agreement with me on that).
Today is my Sunday SAL for the Cornwall Cottage Sampler and I realised I didn’t put last Sunday’s progress up on my blog.  I only managed to get a couple more rows worked on it last Sunday but some progress is better than none.  Here is a photo of where I left it last week.
We have travelled down to Coverack today for  a weeks holiday so will be adding more stitches to this while I am here today.  DS2 has kindly agreed to housesit for us this week – I hope they enjoy the time on their own.

The sun had disappeared by the time we got down to our holiday home but the outlook for the week is dry which is all we are hoping for.  We don’t want it too hot otherwise we can’t walk as far as we would like as it’s not fair on Max.  We had a walk shortly after we arrived and were amazed at how strong the waves were especially as it was not particularly windy.  It’s no wonder part of the sea wall got damaged last year in the storms.  The waves today were obviously nothing in comparison to then but they were throwing lots of seaweed up onto the road.  We felt the sea spray and could taste the saltiness in the sea breeze.
We are looking forward to a very relaxing week and enjoying the beautiful coastal countryside so we can recharge both our mind and body.


Heather said...

Looks like you had fun!

catherine said...

Great choice of pic for photo prompt Linda. I also love those candles. Hope you have a fabulous break away this week and lots of great walks
x catherine

Julie said...

Have a wonderful time away, what a great sea pic.