Sunday, 4 October 2015

So Me–Photo Prompt # 4

So Me is the photo prompt for today.  It took me quite a while to think of something for this prompt but when I made an afternoon drink the fact that I like to try out different teas was SO ME.  I was particularly drawn to this tea as I loved the striking blue colour surrounded by what is now autumnal colours.  When I opened the box I was very careful as something else which is SO ME is that I like to try and use the boxes as templates to create gift boxes.  The coffee tins in the photo I bought them so that I could use them as storage tins or recycle them for another project at a later date.  All of this is SO ME.

It’s been a bit of a grey and overcast day today and the temperature has dropped compared to the past few days – so much so that I even tested out the heating system early this evening.  I did manage to put a few more stitched into the Cornwall Cottage Sampler this afternoon but not as many as I would have liked.

My night at the theatre watching Mack and Mabel was fantastic.  It was a brilliant show, music was wonderful and the story both funny and sad – if you get the chance to see it I would highly recommend it.


Heather said...

It cooled down here too I love it! We don't need the heat since it's a top floor unit but that's okay. We've been leaving the doors and windows open! I love the colors of those tea bags. I don't drink hot tea but I do ice it using the different hot tea flavors

Karen K said...

Hi Linda, yes this is so you....

glad you enjoyed Mack and Mabel

k xx

catherine said...

It is definitely an eye catching box Linda and beautiful colours. So glad you enjoyed your night at the theatre
x catherine

Annie said...

Those coffee jars look perfekt for turning into nice storage for gifts etc. I'm decorating a glass jar with some nice stitching - I hope! - for my dad for Xmas:)