Saturday, 17 October 2015

Out and About photo prompt #17

We didn’t really go very far today as Max was limping this morning when we took him for his morning walk.  We had planned on catching the bus to St Keverne and then walk back to Coverack via the coastal path but we didn’t want to risk doing any further injury to Max. 

We did go out for several short walks and this afternoon I took him on the beach for a while.  As we were OUT AND ABOUT (the photo prompt for today) on the beach we saw loads and loads and loads of jelly fish which we tried hard to avoid stepping on.  I don’t think I ever seen so many on one beach before.


We sat on the rocks and watched the tide come slowly in.  There were lots of people walking their dogs and a couple of families playing on the beach and rock pooling.  There were limpets on many of the rocks, along with dried seaweed.


There were also some lovely patterns in the sand again which had been left behind as the tide had gone out this morning.


Sadly this is the last day of our holiday but hopefully we will back for many more over the coming years.  We have been truly blessed with wonderful sunny weather this week and enjoyed so much of this part of the county, We will go home feeling very relaxed and thankful.


Lesley said...

Lovely photos,the jelllyfish look like small stranded buttons.Love the tide marks in the sand,a small forest.

Heather said...

That is a lot of jellyfish! Ours were always white we didn't have any pink ones that I remember. But it was always one or two lol I guess Florida had more sharks than jellys! It sucks vaca is over but at least you had fun!