Monday, 5 October 2015

I made this Photo Prompt #5

It’s been a really miserable day down here in our part of the South West.  I did manage to get Max out for his morning walk before it absolutely emptied down with rain but I wasn’t so lucky later in the day.  While walking back to my car after a hospital appointment the skies opened and I got drenched.

Today’s photo prompt is I Made This.  The end of the month will be upon us before long so I thought I had better make a start on my Halloween treats for grandchildren, work colleagues and friends.  This is just the first of many I need to get done but at least I’ve made a start.  I’ve made them before and it uses a template that can be downloaded from Martha Stewart.  One down, x amount to do.  Not everyone will be getting one of these – I have some other treat holders in mind as my work colleagues had coffins the year before last so I will need to do something different for them. 
I had to do a shift swap today so now have three days on the trot to work but after that I have a week of work to look forward to.  We are going away for the week, back to Coverack where we stayed in May.  Youngest son and family are coming to house sit for us.  It will give them some time on their own as they share a house with her mum, boyfriend, sister and boyfriend so quite a houseful.  We are just hoping this wet weather is going to clear up soon – fingers crossed we will have dry weather for our holiday.


Heather said...

This is very cool

Karen K said...

Looking very spooky Linda.

I am having a massive clear out on Ebay, loads of SU stamps, I have Lily of the Valley to put on among other things - I think my card making days are over! Good old Flaky friends... there are a lot of memories with these stamps.

k x