Saturday, 10 October 2015

Colours of Autumn–Photo Prompt #10

Normally when I think of the colours of Autumn I think of reds, browns and gold and initially I was going to take a photo of the leaves on the trees as they change colour this month.  However, I decided I would take a photo of a small area in our front garden showing the colours of Autumn that are in our garden at the moment instead.
 We have the green leaves of the Agapanthus. the beautiful red and white Cyclamens, new green growth from bulbs which are probably being confused by the mild weather, the brown crunchy leaves which are falling from the trees in our street which will provide some nice winter mulch and tucked in there were also some tiny violet/pansy type flowers which I’m guessing a passing bird must have planted as I certainly didn’t.


Marlene jones said...

Lovely photo, very typical of this warm autumn, our gardens are confused.

catherine said...

Great pic Linda and yes I still have some summer colours from the plants in my garden although I do think the garden is now sorting itself out for winter!
x catherine

Heather said...

Lovely :)

Julie said...

Your pic today could almost be festive, and that reminds me I must start thinking about my Christmas shopping lol.