Saturday, 3 October 2015

Autumnal photo prompt and hopefully a night at the theatre

Todays photo prompt is Autumnal so this morning I went out to take photos of the flowers and leaves that are now changing to Autumn colours.  In amongst the flowers I also came across spider webs which always remind me of Autumn too.  I couldn’t make up which photo I liked best so I have put them both up for today and I will decide later which will go on the scrapbook LO.
I have spent a lovely couple of hours with Harley-Jay this afternoon – hard to believe he is already five months old.  He’s able to sit up while on the sofa or your lap with just the minimal support and smiles and coos at you – totally adorable.

This evening I am hoping to go to the theatre with my friend Julia from work.  We are due to go and see Mack and Mabel but last nights performance was cancelled due to a company bereavement which is all very sad for those involved.  My thoughts go out to the family of the person who has passed away.  According to the website this evenings show is due to go ahead – I guess they are keeping with tradition of The Show Must Go On.


Justine said...

Hope you have a lovely evening. Your grandson sounds adorable!

catherine said...

Hi Linda and hope your keeping well. Fabulous photos and I too have been out taking photos of the fabulous autumn colours appearing now.
Sad about the theatre last night but hope you and your friend have a fabulous time tonight
x catherine

Heather said...

They may have had to wait to get a replacement in. I hope you enjoy it I love going to the theater. Have s great weekend :)

Karen K said...

Lovely photos, glad you got to see the show. The only Mack and Mabel I have seen is the routine that Torvil and Dean did on their farewell tour, they were wonderful and more years ago than I care to remember.

k x