Thursday, 15 October 2015

A trip to Helston provides photo prompt #15

Another easy going day today with a trip into Helston and a walk around the boating lake that DH and Max visited yesterday.  Beautiful sunshine once again although a slightly chilly breeze to start the day but it soon warmed up very nicely.  It really is a very pretty place to walk around, plenty of people making the most of the sunshine out walking their dogs, parents with their children feeding the birds and plenty of people in the nearby cafe sitting and enjoying the views.  This is the view from the cafe.
While we were there I was able to capture todays photo prompt which is Leaves.  Nestled among the leaves on this tree were an abundance of plums.  The tree was covered with plums _ wonder if anyone ever picks them – I’m sure they would make lovely jam.

This morning I finished my second book so we wandered around Helston town looking in the various charity shops so that I could buy something to read for the rest of our holiday.  I managed to pick up a couple of books, one by Diana Gabaldon called Drums of Autumn and one by an author I’ve not read before Erika Mailman called The Witch’s Ttinity.  I think I will start with the unknown author first.

We also came across The Craftbox Cafe where we were able to sit outside and enjoy a hot drink and soak up the sunshine.  After we had finished our drinks I went in and had a lovely chat with the owner/manager? to find out more details of the workshops that they run there.  A little bit different so I think it might be somewhere to take the crafting girls one day for a day out.

As we wandered back to the boating lake we came across this lane with it’s unusual name.

Once back in Coverack we walked the short distance down to the beach, stopping first at the small gift shop where we decided to have an ice cream to take onto the beach.  Max loved paddling in the sea chasing pebbles and burying them in the wet sand.
I loved the textured patterns the water and sand created on the beach.
Another wonderful day – fingers crossed our last few days here will be just as sunny and dry.


Lesley said...

That is an amazing pattern in the sand..what an unusual name for a lane:)

Heather said...

Haha I would love to live near Lake Drippy Droppy! Great photos I love the textured sand one. It's adorable that your dog likes to pick up pebbles and bury them again. A neverending task!