Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday SAL

What a lovely Sunday it was.  Breakfast at my parents and then mid morning coffee at MIL’s followed by lunch.  I took a tapestry down with me which DS2’s girlfriend had given me and made steady progress on that while we chatted over coffee.  Walked home carrying MIL’s patio table that she no longer wanted, chairs to follow in the week.  Tidied up the borders in the back garden before settling down for a few hours to work on the Cornwall Cottage sampler.  I have managed to finish all the flowers inside of the basket handle, just the other half of the basket and the external flowers to go on page 7.
This is two weeks worth of stitching as I didn’t post an update last week – completely slipped my mind.
In the evening I went up into my craft room and actually put together a scrapbook page – it’s been a long. long time since I have done any scrap booking and it was great.  I’d looked around for some challenge blogs for inspiration and one of the challenges was new beginnings so I decided to scrap the photos of my new craft room.  I didn’t quite finish the layout last night but will work on it again tomorrow evening while DH is out.  It’s so nice to have my own crafting haven  to work in, although I do miss youngest son not living at home as well.  Hopefully all will work out well for him but should he have to come home I’m afraid he will be relegated to the smallest bedroom now LOL!


Heather said...

That's so great you got to use your new room! Your stitching is lovely.

Justine said...

Another perfect Sunday! Thanks for sharing the close up photo of your sampler...I had no idea just how detailed it is.

Annie said...

I'm soo jealous of your craft space!!! It feels like my craft stuff has completely taken over my whole little cross stitch nook:))
Your sampler is coming along beautifully - what a project! But above all I am so curious to see your scrap of your craft room!

Karen K said...

This is really coming on beautifully Linda. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new craft room

k x

Lesley said...

Lovely double update.

Julie said...

Love to see this one each week, its wonderful.

katica said...

holey moley! I've been out of the blogging world all summer and am just getting back into things... life sort of got in the way... and I haven't touched this pretty project in so long.

yours is beautiful and such great progress! You will be done in no time! I hope that even though Barbi and I sort of disappeared on you, I hope you will join us again on our next Sunday SAL once we all finish this lovely piece!