Sunday, 27 September 2015

Red tape and Powertex

The craft show on Friday was great and I bought my red tape – 10 rolls for £4.  I didn’t get the inks and I didn’t go mad and buy lots of things,  but I have to confess I did buy some more……..
…….. stamps.  I couldn’t resist these stamp sets from Hobby Art.  Two sets of sentiment stamps and a shell themed set
I also discovered another project which fascinated me greatly – it’s called Powertex and after taking part in their workshop I decided to buy one of their starter kits..  The only other items I bought was some drawing gum (I want to try out some of the techniques Sheena Douglas has done on C&C) and some cello bags, so I think on the whole I was very good.

Here is a photo of the finished project I did with the Powertex which is basically a fabric hardener and if you use 100% natural materials and leave it for three weeks it becomes weather proof.

I have been collecting the tubes from the inside of our dispensing labels for months now with the aim of gluing them together and using them as a starting point to create a ‘canvas’ – the Powertex I think is going to be just the thing to bring my one of my ideas together.  My work colleagues have been wanting to know what I was going to do with them so hopefully soon I can actually take something in to show them.  I also discovered another use for them yesterday evening while browsing through a magazine but I need to keep that a secret for a while yet.  One of my work colleagues calls me a modern day Womble as I try to recycle different items which they would just throw away, combined with the fact that I take in cakes they think I would be Madame Chalet LOL.


Annie said...

How wonderful with a craft show!!! Me and my sister are going to one in the end of October - can't wait!!! I'm not sure I'll manage to be as good as you though...

Anne said...

That seems a good price for the red tape!! I need more :-) I have the stamp set that is on top of your pile - use it a lot. The powertex looks very interesting. have fun with your goodies. Anne x

Heather said...

Looks great!

Karen K said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and love the Powertex

k x

Julie said...

She's lovely.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with the roll inners.