Saturday, 8 August 2015

Mrs Brimbles Stationary Box

Firstly I have noticed that I have gained a couple of new followers - thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoy visiting.  I would love to come and visit you but every time I click on the followers to try and get a link to any possible blog you have the list disappears and I can get no information to go and check.  Perhaps if you could leave me a comment I could come and visit you that way.

In one of my previous posts I mention Mrs Brimble's blog and my latest craft craze of planners and my curiosity got the better of me and I purchased one of her previous months subscription boxes to see what they were like.  This is the June kit and it was available in her shop at the reduced price of £12 so it wasn't entirely a surprise as to what the contents were unlike if you were to subscribe to the monthly kits (if which there are four different types to choose from)

Me, being me loved the box that it came in and I have already decided how I am going to make use of it, which fingers being crossed I will get round to this week - guess I'll have to pencil that into my planner so that it does get done LOL.

The contents come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a postcard with one of Anna's own pieces of artwork on with an explanation on the back of the card as to the theme for the months box.

Depending on which box you select you will get a variety of stationary items to a value greater than the subscription price which also includes postage.  Inside my box I received a magnetic shopping list pad, a pack of 40 Becky Higgins Project Life cards, a packet of frog post it notes (two different designs), a really sweet tape dispenser which included a roll of coordinating paper tape, a pen, a sweet princess crown planner charm and an A5 planner dashboard (another of Anna's own pieces of artwork and in my case the same as the postcard - but these do vary from box to box)

Some of these items will get used in my planner, others will be used on cards and scrapbook pages and no doubt I will think of other uses other than just stationary items.  I feel another subscription coming on but at the moment I just can't make up my mind which box I would like to go for on a monthly basis - decisions, decisions.

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Julie said...

What a box full of lovely things... really looking forward to seeing what you do with them all (and the box).