Thursday, 6 August 2015

Laptop v Windows 10

While out crafting with my friends DH thought it would be a good opportunity to update my laptop with Windows 10 - unfortunately my laptop didn't like it and crashed.  In fairness it has been a bit tempermental of late so this was just the last straw as far as it was concerned.  Sadly there are quite a few projects I hadn't backed up on my external hard drive so i'm not sure if we will be able to retrieve them.  Thankfully I haven't deleted any photos from my camera recently.

Anyway I am now working on hubby's laptop to do this post and trying to find my way round Windows 10 - I don't really like change and had got quite settled into my routine of uploading photos and blogging.

I have finally (I think) finished my first pages in my new planner.  They are pretty simple and I have used a combination of elements left over from my first Lollipop Box Club kit(LBC) and some stamps from my collection.  I've used the sweet Alice paper clip as my page marker this week.  Monday was a work day but I was expecting a delivery of Stampin' Up! goodies for myself and friends.  The tag came from LBC and I added a stamped image of a parcel.  Tuesday was just a work day and my evening task when I got home from work to stop me from falling asleep - which is what happens most Tuesday evenings as DH is at his railway club and if I sit down I tend to drop off.

Wednesday I took mum shopping but we had tea and toasted teacake first so I used the teapot cut out from one of the invitations in the kit.  It was also the day that the Great British Bake Off started again so I stamped out some pies to decorate this part of the planner.

Today (Thursday) another work day but my friend Lisa is coming down to stay overnight as we are going down to Scrapbook Magic tomorrow for a tag workshop.  I just love catching up with friends.

To emphasise the tag theme I stamped and punched out some tags to highlight the weekend in my planner.  Saturday I'm really looking forward to having my nails and feet pampered with my friend Moya and then having lunch together.

Finally Sunday I have to go into work and then I am hoping I will have enough energy when I get home to add some stitches to the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.

I've really enjoyed decorating the planner this week, it's been fun and it's kept me on track too.  


Kate said...

I love your Planner, Linda! Such a shame about Windows 10 and your laptop - hopefully you can salvage everything. We're debating whether or not to upgrade ... when I went from Windows 8 to 8.1 I regretted it, lol.

Mrs A. said...

Well done you. Don't think I could keep up with decorating a planner as well as doing things listed on it. Hugs Mrs A.

Julie said...

The planner looks lovely and so inviting.
I hate change on the computer, DH is considering windows 10 and I am not at all sure I want it...

Heather said...

That's adorable :) it's so creative!

Annie said...

The planner looks wonderful! Well done! Who knew a planner could be soo much fun...??

Preeti said...

Your planner is looking great!! It must be exciting to look at the tasks:)