Sunday, 30 August 2015

At the halfway point and birthday girl

I have finally got to the halfway point on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler today.  The sixth page (apart from the very top of the letters on the alphabet) is complete.  Bad light has now stopped played but I am really pleased to have got this far.  I wonder how Barbi and Kati are getting on with their samplers?
Today is Elisha’s birthday – 6 today.  At the moment she is mad on unicorns and we bought her the light up plush unicorn she wanted (a bit like a cuddly buddy) and a unicorn money box which we added some money to.  We went to see her at the birthday party her mum and dad had organised for her and it was great to see them having so much fun, including face painting, pin the horn on the unicorn and all the traditional children’s games.
Vicky’s sister made this beautiful unicorn cake for Elisha.
Well our week off work is almost over unfortunately the weather hasn’t been that kind to us this week.  We have, however still enjoyed the rest and relaxation with the added bonus that tomorrow is a bank holiday so we don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday.  This means a short two day week for me – hooray!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Braving the rain.

Today we took Logan and Savannah to the Lappa Valley Railway.  When we set off it was pouring with rain but according to the weather forecast it was supposed to start clearing up by midday.  While it was still raining when we arrived it didn’t take long for it to finally pass over and we were able to make the most of the activities.

Lots of train rides – there are three different lines to go on.
Pedal tractors for the children to go on, although Savannah needed a helping hand from Granddad.

Indoor activities for when we did have an occasional shower.
And as it was time to go home the sun came out to shine.
It was a fun day and I’m really glad we went ahead with our planned trip as we’d have missed out on so much.  Definitely worth going again at some time – hopefully when the sun shines more and we can take a picnic next time.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Stitching updates

It’s been a while since my last post and quite a while since I posted a stitching update.  I have managed to do put lots of x’s into the Cornwall Cottage sampler the past couple of weeks.  This is one half of the flower basket which took much longer than I thought it would.  Next week I should hopefully get a few of the flowers in the centre done and then I can move onto the other half of the basket.
Here is a photo of how much I have completed so far.
I have also managed to work on the baby sampler quite a bit over the past couple of weeks too and I have almost completed the top quarter of this piece.  I am hoping to get the top part of the border completed this week and then work my way down the left hand side.
Harlee-Jay and his parents came round to visit today and I just about managed to cover it over with the cottage sampler so that they didn’t see it – I want it to be a surprise for them too.

We have this week off work, we’re not going away but hope to just have a nice relaxing week just taking each day as it comes.  Just as well really as I don’t think the weather is going to be particularly nice.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

White box to ribbon box

Can you remember the white box that my Mrs Brimbles box was delivered in?  I said I had plans for it and today I was able to make a start on my project.  I have decided to decorate it with some of the papers and coordinating embellishments I also purchased from Mrs Brimbles (which happened to be on sale - and very pretty too).  The box will now hold some of my ribbon collection.  I still have the holes to punch through the front of the box which I will hopefully finish doing tomorrow.
I even gave my neglected Cricut machine an outing today and cut out the letters to add to the box - I am hoping once I am fully settled into my craft room I will get back into my scrapbooking as I have so many photos I need to put onto layouts.  Slowly but surely my craft room is getting organised how I want it, I'm just waiting for a table to go into the recess of the room which will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks. Once this is in place I can see what storage I can put on top of and at the back of the table and which craft items will go in that storage.  It may be taking a while to get it finished but I want everything to be just right in my head and so hopefully make crafting even more enjoyable.

I did a shift swap today as I wanted Tuesday off to go to a workshop down at Scrapbook Magic with my friend Lynne.  When I got home I was able to pick up my needle and thread and make some progress on the baby sampler I started a while back.  As I want this to be a Christmas present I think I need to concentrate on that for a while.  September I need to make a start on all the Christmas projects I would like to do this year - sorry to mention the word Christmas while still in August.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Birthday card using items from Mrs Brimble's box

It's our eldest grand daughters birthday next weekend and I'd been wondering what type of card to make for her.  As I was flicking through the Project Life cards that came with my Mrs Brimble's box one of the cards had pretty princess printed on it.  Well I'm always calling our grand daughters princesses and they both like dressing up so I decided to use that as a starting point for Elisha's card.  I then picked out another larger card from the Project Life cards and chose the one with banners on which I have cut round and stuck foam pads underneath to make them appear to be blowing in the breeze.  I added the birthday sentiment which is from Clearly Besotted - this is one of my go to sets.  The little princess is from a retired SU stamp set which I have coloured in with Promarkers.  I've added a small scalloped border to the bottom of the card to tie in with the scalloped card and finally added some gems for an extra bit of sparkle.

I'm now going to go through the rest of the project life cards and see how many other cards I can make from them as at this present time I don't participate in Project Life and think they will serve me better as card toppers.

An early morning phone call this morning from DIL to say that eldest son had come off his motorcycle on his way to work and was in casualty.  Thankfully no other vehicle was involved.  Chest x-rays and a scan showed no serious damage so apart from sore ribs and knee (and a bruised ego) he came out of it pretty unscathed.  This is the second time this month he has ended up in casualty and I am hoping and praying that there won't be a third.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Mrs Brimbles Stationary Box

Firstly I have noticed that I have gained a couple of new followers - thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoy visiting.  I would love to come and visit you but every time I click on the followers to try and get a link to any possible blog you have the list disappears and I can get no information to go and check.  Perhaps if you could leave me a comment I could come and visit you that way.

In one of my previous posts I mention Mrs Brimble's blog and my latest craft craze of planners and my curiosity got the better of me and I purchased one of her previous months subscription boxes to see what they were like.  This is the June kit and it was available in her shop at the reduced price of £12 so it wasn't entirely a surprise as to what the contents were unlike if you were to subscribe to the monthly kits (if which there are four different types to choose from)

Me, being me loved the box that it came in and I have already decided how I am going to make use of it, which fingers being crossed I will get round to this week - guess I'll have to pencil that into my planner so that it does get done LOL.

The contents come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a postcard with one of Anna's own pieces of artwork on with an explanation on the back of the card as to the theme for the months box.

Depending on which box you select you will get a variety of stationary items to a value greater than the subscription price which also includes postage.  Inside my box I received a magnetic shopping list pad, a pack of 40 Becky Higgins Project Life cards, a packet of frog post it notes (two different designs), a really sweet tape dispenser which included a roll of coordinating paper tape, a pen, a sweet princess crown planner charm and an A5 planner dashboard (another of Anna's own pieces of artwork and in my case the same as the postcard - but these do vary from box to box)

Some of these items will get used in my planner, others will be used on cards and scrapbook pages and no doubt I will think of other uses other than just stationary items.  I feel another subscription coming on but at the moment I just can't make up my mind which box I would like to go for on a monthly basis - decisions, decisions.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Final Christmas tags

Today I traveled down to Scrapbook Magic with my friend Lisa for the Christmas tag class.  I learnt a new technique with alcohol inks and an archival ink pad which can be seen on the right hand tag.  Initially the writing on the tag started off as black archival but when used with the alcohol inks you were able to remove the ink which meant that you could then put silver paper behind it to change the colour of the words.  I just loved this technique and it's fabulous when you learn something new.

Now that I have completed 12 tags next month we will be making them into a large Christmas banner which I am really looking forward to.

While I was there the new Sizzix bird dies that go with the Tim Holtz crazy bird set came home with me - saves me having to cut the birds out by hand and they were just too darn cute to leave behind LOL!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Laptop v Windows 10

While out crafting with my friends DH thought it would be a good opportunity to update my laptop with Windows 10 - unfortunately my laptop didn't like it and crashed.  In fairness it has been a bit tempermental of late so this was just the last straw as far as it was concerned.  Sadly there are quite a few projects I hadn't backed up on my external hard drive so i'm not sure if we will be able to retrieve them.  Thankfully I haven't deleted any photos from my camera recently.

Anyway I am now working on hubby's laptop to do this post and trying to find my way round Windows 10 - I don't really like change and had got quite settled into my routine of uploading photos and blogging.

I have finally (I think) finished my first pages in my new planner.  They are pretty simple and I have used a combination of elements left over from my first Lollipop Box Club kit(LBC) and some stamps from my collection.  I've used the sweet Alice paper clip as my page marker this week.  Monday was a work day but I was expecting a delivery of Stampin' Up! goodies for myself and friends.  The tag came from LBC and I added a stamped image of a parcel.  Tuesday was just a work day and my evening task when I got home from work to stop me from falling asleep - which is what happens most Tuesday evenings as DH is at his railway club and if I sit down I tend to drop off.

Wednesday I took mum shopping but we had tea and toasted teacake first so I used the teapot cut out from one of the invitations in the kit.  It was also the day that the Great British Bake Off started again so I stamped out some pies to decorate this part of the planner.

Today (Thursday) another work day but my friend Lisa is coming down to stay overnight as we are going down to Scrapbook Magic tomorrow for a tag workshop.  I just love catching up with friends.

To emphasise the tag theme I stamped and punched out some tags to highlight the weekend in my planner.  Saturday I'm really looking forward to having my nails and feet pampered with my friend Moya and then having lunch together.

Finally Sunday I have to go into work and then I am hoping I will have enough energy when I get home to add some stitches to the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.

I've really enjoyed decorating the planner this week, it's been fun and it's kept me on track too.  

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cornwall Cottage Sampler

After three weeksIi have finally had a chance to work on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.  This is where I got to initially when I took  a photo of my progress.  We had a few thunder rumbles and a shower and bad light stopped play for a while.  I worked on the basket and added a few flower stems today..
A photo of it how it looks overall.
I thought the shower was going to last longer than it actually did so once we had tidied up after tea I decided to pick up the sampler again.  I have almost managed to get down to the bottom of the flower basket in one colour just a little more to do.  Next week I’m not sure if I will get to add any stitches to it as I have to go into work Sad smile  It all depends on whether I feel tired when I get home.
Today we had a visit from Harlee-Jay – it’s hard to believe he will be three months old next week – just where is the time going.  He brought his mum and dad to visit too.
We also got to see our eldest grandson Connor today who brought his dad with him.  We played with the Lego, went over the park and then tried to play draughts.  Connor had not played it before and so it was a little confusing for him but his daddy tried to help him.  They stayed for lunch to give Elisha and Vicky time to enjoy a girls only day together.  After lunch Connor played Mario Karts on the Wii and was pleased his sister was having a girls only day as it meant he didn’t have to share the controller.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

I fear another crafting addiction

I’ve always kept a diary with important dates and events I need to remember.  I also write lists most days to remind me of what I would like to get done or needs to be done on any particular day.  How many of you do the same?  How many of you decorate the pages of the diary/journal/list?  Well that’s something that I have suddenly become aware of although it has been going on in the crafting world for quite a while now but I’ve obviously been slow to pick up on it!

I guess I first became aware of it when I subscribed to the Lollipop Box club – Lisa is a great planner and list maker and I found the explanation on her blog very interesting.  Running her business obviously needs a lot of organisational skills and planning and Lisa is an avid planner but I love the way that she also takes the time to make her planning fun.

Another blog that I have come across which also runs a monthly subscription kit for planners/journals/stationary addicts is Anna of Mrs Brimbles.  Anna has lots of interesting articles on her blog along with links to many other companies who design materials for planner/journal decoration.

I’d never thought of doing this before and some people might think why would you want to anyway, but being a crafter the idea really appeals to me.

So I have looked online at various planners and took the plunge and ordered myself a journal planner from Plum Paper Designs.  Each one is individually made up starting in whichever month you would like – they do take a few weeks to come through so I opted to start mine in October.  They have several different types of planners but I have gone for one of their regular planners.  Even these planners have a choice of cover design and how you want your pages laid out for you.  I’m really looking forward to receiving mine in October. Can you guess which cover I have gone for?
In the meantime while I am waiting for my planner to arrive we had to go into town today and I decided to treat myself to a new filofax type diary/organiser. This is a lot smaller than the Plum Paper Designs planner will be but it will fit nicely into my handbag.

Once I have added the information for each week I will then decorate the pages using up lots of elements I have received from both the Lollipop Box club and my own craft stash.  Here is a photo of my pages for next week with just the written details in – tomorrow I plan to add some decoration to it and pretty it up – some me time where I can just have fun and relax.
The bookcases that arrived yesterday have been assembled and the books that were in the cubes below are now in the new storage units.  This has meant I now have two cube storage units to fill up with my crafting stash.  One of the units is going to contain my plastic 12x12 boxes which I store most of my wooden stamps in – yes I have even more stamps.  So far I have managed to catalogue 8 boxes worth of stamps and have some very inky fingers from all the cleaning of the stamps with baby wipes.  I really must try and find my Stampin’ Up! stampin’ scrub.
The other unit I am hoping to put my A4 papers which are in magazine type holders and my embossing folders which are in baskets.

We didn’t have much success in finding a suitable desk while we were in town so a re-think on that is needed.  After the little bit of shopping required around town we decided to wander around the Barbican and look in the art galleries and shops that are there.  We’ve ordered a quirky print to go in our living room when it is finally decorated – we may even get another one to go with it at some stage.  It might not be to everyone’s taste but we liked it.  It’s a collection by Simon Clarke and called Fab Four.  It should hopefully be ready to collect in two weeks time.  We also treated ourselves to a spot of lunch.

Alice got some more stitches added to her today but tomorrow will see me concentrating on the Cornish Cottage Sampler which has been very much neglected over the past couple of weeks.

I hope you’ve all been having a fun weekend.