Friday, 10 July 2015

One of two

Last weekend I ordered two DVD units to go into my craft room to store my vast stamp collection – most of which I have in DVD cases.  DH kindly put one of them together for me while I was watching Andy Murray play this afternoon – not the result I wanted but a brilliant match nonetheless.  Allegedly they hold I think 326 DVD’s – we will see.
I would have had two of them assembled but unfortunately when they were delivered the boxes had been bashed about a bit.  The delivery driver when he saw me inspecting them said he wasn’t a furniture remover just a delivery driver and that I wouldn’t be signing anything to say they were in good condition only that I had received them.  Just as well, but I thought his attitude was poor regardless.
One of the units sadly had some damage to the top part of the unit and a couple of the shelves.  I have been in touch with the supplier and sent a photo of the damage and they are supposed to be sending out another part on Tuesday – they did respond quickly so I just hope it does arrive when they say.  Perhaps they should also consider who they contract their deliveries out to as well.
My next task is to catalogue all the stamps going into these units so that I can find the stamps that I want easier – that’s the theory!


Marlene jones said...

The tennis match was brilliant, often we get a great semi final. Not sure who we will be shouting for in the final. We had a new replacement Fridge freezer delivered, the the delivery men were so helpful, ensuing it was placed in the correct place, carrying our old one to the garage where it now lives.

Preeti said...

Do you have so many stamps to fill that cabinet? That must be huge collection!!

Anne said...

What a shame Linda it's disappointing when you are looking forward to something. I agree that some of these delivery companies are very poor. If only the firms using them expected a better standard of service it could be improved. Really gets my goat. I watched the match and it was excellent. As I said Andy not my favourite but felt sad for him.

Justine said...

How annoying! The first one looks great though.