Friday, 3 July 2015

Decision made

While at work yesterday I decided to make a start on my original choice for the monthly Alice SAL – which is the Soda Stitch Alice in Wonderland chart.  Having said that I was tempted with Justine’s suggestion of starting them all and seeing how many I got finished but knowing my track record I wouldn't even get one finished.  If I just concentrate on this one I might just get it completed this month and that in itself would be amazing!
I made a start yesterday evening and I am working on 20 count Bellano Aida in Fairy Frost Opalescent from The Crafty Kitten – it’s so soft and has some sparkle in the fabric which I don’t think the photo picks out.  I’m working two over one as the fabric is only 9 x 12 it should just fit on and I will make a tiny cushion out of it once finished to go in my new craft room.
I’m not sure if I mentioned that our youngest son has moved out and in with his girlfriend Vicky and Harlee-Jay so the larger, sunnier back bedroom is now available and so I have acquired that as my new craft area and the smaller bedroom will become our guest room instead.  We had new carpet fitted yesterday – Bryan had already papered the room so all I have to do now is get some furniture to go in the room.

Before any craft stash goes up there though I am going to catalogue everything and give everything it’s own place in the room.  My aim is to catalogue everything before it is allowed in the craft room.  It is an excellent opportunity now for me to really go through all my stash and only keep the items that I know I will use on a regular basis.

Today I have been working my way through my SU punches which are now on the bookcase and also in a hanging plastic shoe rack behind the bedroom door.  I still have some of space on the bookcase for some of the other brands of punches I have which I might get round to cataloging later but for now it’s time to sit and watch some tennis and add a few more stitches to Alice.


Manuela said...

Your start looks great.
Happy Weekend, Manuela

Justine said...

Great choice Linda! I love this one and I'm tempted to start mine now. I really want to work on my Madame Chantilly Alice first though. Decisions decisions!
I'm so jealous of you having a Craft room all to yourself. Bliss!

Annie said...

What a treat to be able to have your own craftroom!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Alice SAL:)

Brigitte said...

Nice start on this little sweetie.
Lucky you to have an all new and sunny craft room.

Mii Stitch said...

I love Soda Stitch designs, so great choice ;)
Lovely start!!