Thursday, 2 July 2015

A month with Alice

Back in April I was reading Justine’s blog and she had just completed a sweet Soda Stitch picture.  I thought it was really cute and so went to check out their other designs and came across a couple of Alice in Wonderland charts by the same company and had making them for Savannah in mind. 

Justine is also working on another larger Alice design and with it being the 150 anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland we thought we would dedicate a month to an Alice stitching SAL.  Yes I’m starting another new piece – my problem is I also came across another (more grown up?) design and now I can’t make up my mind which one to start – which one would you choose?

While I’m at work this afternoon I will have to make up my mind so that I can make a start on it this evening.


Justine said...

I LOVE the Nemue one, it's absolutely gorgeous! I vote for you to start them all and see which one you can finish before the end of July.

Manuela said...

Wonderful new charts.
Happy Stitching, Manuela

Heather said...

I like the pink Alice picture

Lesley said...

I like the Nimue design,Linda:)

Daresbury, where Lewis Caroll was born,is only 10 miles from our home. A former teacher who was very knowledgable about Lewis Carroll, taught at the Grammar School my husband attended,the same one our sons went too,which was a Comprehensive by then and he made Alice and other characters in clay.The were a lovely white colour finished with a tiny bit of gold leaf added to each figurine.I would have loved to purchase one but back in the eighties we couldn't afford to splash out on luxuries.

I am looking forward to seeing which one you choose.

Justine said...

We are neighbours Lesley - I live in Warrington!