Friday, 31 July 2015

A month of Alice

Well it’s the last day of July and I’m just about posting in time before the next month arrives.  At the beginning of the month Justine and myself decided to work on our Alice stitching throughout the month of July.  I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.  I worked a couple of extra days this month, Savannah’s birthday party, meeting with friends, crafting commitments and feeling very tired in the evenings when I got home from work all meant I didn’t pick up the needle quite as often as I would have liked.  However I have almost managed to complete the inside picture of the Soda Stitch design apart from a little back stitching.  It is my intention (along with many other things as usual) to work on it again in August as it’s such a sweet design and very enjoyable to work on when I do get the time.
Craft room update – still slowly working my way through my stamps.  We had two large cube units delivered today so we could transfer our book collection into them in order for me to have the smaller cube units in my craft room.  I’m hoping to get my desk ordered tomorrow once we have checked the desk I am interested in is high enough for the cubes to fit under – fingers crossed it will be.

Thank you to everyone who leaves me such lovely comments - I do try (eventually) to reply but there are some people who are no reply bloggers - so especially to those people thank you.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lemon cake for my crafty friends

I’m off to Scrapbook Magic in Mullion tomorrow to have some crafting fun with my friends.  I always like to take a cake along with me to share – it always makes crafting even more fun.  It’s also one of the ladies birthday tomorrow and you can’t have a birthday without having cake.  I always make two cakes each time as I also take one into work the next day for my work colleagues.
With this months Lollipop Box kit I had a roll of washi tape included – in my case it was a lovely lilac colour.  I decided I wanted some other colours and so ordered the set of Rainbow washi from Lisa’s shop – a set of 10 for just £3.99 but if you would also like some be quick as there are only 4 sets left when I last checked.  I also bought myself some more of the chevron fabric washi tape which came with the Alice’s Tea Party kit. 

What I love about Lisa is the attention to detail, The products always come so well presented and Lisa also included some bonus goodies with my order including a set of sticky notes, lots of punched circles and a sweet pack of Love Heart sweets.  Fantastic service and wonderful products.

Monday, 27 July 2015

A pot of gold

at the end of my rainbow.  Last week saw the arrival of this months Lollipop Box subscription that I have.  It even came decorated with some bakers twine – well done to Royal Mail for not losing or damaging the twine. 
Inside the box were lots of interesting items and the tasty lollipop that is included with each months kit.  I reward myself with the lollipop once I have made a project out of the box that it comes with each month – a challenge I have set myself each time.
Included in this months kit was a sweet little mdf rainbow which I decorated with the sheet of multi-coloured heart stickers.  I also added a couple of the clouds that Lisa had included, outlining them with a black pen and then adding crystal lacquer and ultra fine glitter to give them dimension and sparkle.

This month I have turned the box the goodies came in into a money box so that I can save and have my own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   I found the verse on-line while searching for something suitable to add to this months theme and it’s a quote by Tsunyota Kohet.  I used a tiny alphabet stamp set I have and stamped each line of the verse in a different colour.  The wish list came in the kit.  I punched out a pot shape several times and then added the gold sequins from the kit to create my own pot of gold.

Once again I’ve had great fun with this months kit and this is just a small selection of the items included – I can now reward myself with the lollipop!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Seeing stars

Over 250 of them!  A work colleague asked me to make some treat boxes for her daughter in laws baby shower.  This is the ‘simple’ design we settled on using the Tonic squeeze box die.  While the design was simple it was quite time consuming.  In total there are 25 boxes, 50 letter B’s, 25 letter A’s and Y’s and 250 stars cut or punched out to go on them all.  Each of the letters and stars were given a splash of Wink of Stella clear glitter which doesn’t show in the photo.  I don’t think I want to see another star for quite a while/

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Alice update

I thought it was about time I posted an update of the Alice design by Soda Stitch for the month of Alice SAL I’m taking part in with Justine.  I have almost completed the central panel of the design and hope to make a start on the outer images over the next few days.  I would have been further ahead but the frog made an appearance while I was stitching the rabbit so an hours work had to be unpicked and started again –most frustrating!  I am really enjoying stitching this design though so even if I don’t get it completed it this month I  think I will carry on with it until it is finished as it is just so cute.
My car had to be serviced today so I wasn’t able to go very far today which was just as well as the replacement piece for the DVD unit was delivered today.  DH kindly put it together for me this evening while I was visiting my friend Jacqueline.  We opened the parcel she’d had delivered and inside was a lovely advent calendar which we started to assemble while I was there – it was fun but quite time consuming.  We managed to get eight of the drawers glued together before it was time for me to g0 home.  It’s going to look great when it’s finished.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sunday SAL

I managed to put some more stitches into the Cornwall Cottage Sampler on Sunday while watching the Wimbledon tennis final.  Not as much as I would probably have done if I hadn’t been watching it but steady progress is still being made.  I was probably being over optimistic in thinking that I would get all of the basket section done this week. It required quite a bit of concentration which I wasn’t able to give it whilst being distracted by the tennis.  Still progress is progress.  Not sure how much I will get done next Sunday as it is our grand daughters birthday party next week but I will still try to add a few more stitches before we go there to help her celebrate her third birthday.

I’m still busy trying to sort out my stamp collection but have had a little setback as the tape has run out on my labellng machine.  If I can I hope to get into town tomorrow and buy some more and then I can make further advances to my re-organisation.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

First family photo

Today I thought I would share with you the first professionally taken photo of Bryan, Vicky and Harlee-Jay.  Now this is a scan of one of the photos taken and was printed out as double photo and I haven’t managed to crop it just to show one image instead of the two.  I can’t believe ‘our baby’ now has a family of his own but I hope and pray that they will continue to be as happy as they look in this photo.
Stash organisation is coming along slowly – most things do with me.  The top shelf at the moment is being filled up with my Stampin’ Up! stamps – this isn’t all of them and I anticipate that the rest will fill the next two rows (thankfully these are all picture indexed along the spine so I am not stamping out of these images).

I have also been working my way through my vast collection of Unity stamps which will probably fill the bottom three rows.  I have enjoyed stamping out the Unity images and discovering plenty of never before inked stamps (shameful I know) and some much loved stamps too.  The second unit will (I am hoping be sufficient) for my Paper Artsy, Tim Holtz and other brands of stamps – even I had forgotten just how many stamps I have collected over many years – gulp!  I really could open up my own shop LOL.

Friday, 10 July 2015

One of two

Last weekend I ordered two DVD units to go into my craft room to store my vast stamp collection – most of which I have in DVD cases.  DH kindly put one of them together for me while I was watching Andy Murray play this afternoon – not the result I wanted but a brilliant match nonetheless.  Allegedly they hold I think 326 DVD’s – we will see.
I would have had two of them assembled but unfortunately when they were delivered the boxes had been bashed about a bit.  The delivery driver when he saw me inspecting them said he wasn’t a furniture remover just a delivery driver and that I wouldn’t be signing anything to say they were in good condition only that I had received them.  Just as well, but I thought his attitude was poor regardless.
One of the units sadly had some damage to the top part of the unit and a couple of the shelves.  I have been in touch with the supplier and sent a photo of the damage and they are supposed to be sending out another part on Tuesday – they did respond quickly so I just hope it does arrive when they say.  Perhaps they should also consider who they contract their deliveries out to as well.
My next task is to catalogue all the stamps going into these units so that I can find the stamps that I want easier – that’s the theory!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tag workshop at Scrapbook Magic

The chocolate cake was enjoyed by the crafting girls – even though I say so myself it was very tasty – good old Mary Berry.

The tag workshop was great fun and we used a variety of techniques and products to make this months tags.  We have two more to make before we start making them into a Christmas garland.

In the afternoon I made a few more cards (all the same design) with some of the scraps from my box – all male themed this time. 

Although I didn’t watch the match I am pleased that Andy Murray is through to the Wimbledon semi-final again and I am now catching up with Wawrinka v Gasquet which I had to record the conclusion of the match as I had to take mum shopping this evening.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Chocolate cake for crafting friends

Tomorrow I am travelling down to Scrapbook Magic for the monthly tag class.  Whenever I go down there I always try and bake a cake to share with my crafting friends.  This evening I have made them a chocolate cake topped with Maltesers and grated chocolate – I hope they like it.  Now I must go an pack my crafting bag ready for a fun day of crafting with Margaret & Co..

Monday, 6 July 2015

Good progress

It’s strange how some days just appear to have more hours in the day than others.  Yesterday was a prime example – I started off by going to my parents for breakfast (something I do every week) and also cut my dad’s hair while I was over there.  Came back home and did the ironing and then went down to MIL’s for mid morning coffee and a chat.  When I got back home I had a surprise visit from our daughter and family so playtime with Logan and Savannah for an hour.  When they had left I sat and did a little stitching on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler before going to collect DH from the train station (he’d been to see ACDC at Wembley with his brother).  On our way home we did some food shopping and when it was unpacked I was able to do some more stitching before cooking tea.  More stitching after tea for half an hour and then the garden borders finally got weeded.  A little more stitching then it was time to watch a little TV before going to bed.  I like days like that so productive and a great feeling of achievement.
I have probably complete about half of the next page on the sampler.  Next week I will start working on the base of the basket and with any luck I might just get another page completed.  Here is how it is looking so far.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Murray won–Gardening lost

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the tennis yesterday and was very relieved to see Andy Murray go through to the second week of Wimbledon.  However by the time his match had finished the little bit of enthusiasm I had for gardening had sadly disappeared.  I decided instead to take Max for a lovely evening walk along the creek and I am so glad I did as I was able to capture the beautiful colours of the sun setting.  It was a very enjoyable walk as the temperature was much more bearable but sadly the weeds in the garden are still there.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Graphic 45 scraps

This week I managed to use up some of the lovely Graphic 45 Botanical Tea papers that I have had in my scraps pile for a while.  All very simple designs but I’m pleased with how they turned out.
I had to go into work this morning for 4 hours as they were short of a dispenser but this afternoon I’m intending to sit down and watch the tennis while adding a few more stitches to Alice.  If it cools down later and Andy Murray’s match doesn’t end too late then I hope to potter a little in the garden – it’s just too hot out there for me at the moment.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Decision made

While at work yesterday I decided to make a start on my original choice for the monthly Alice SAL – which is the Soda Stitch Alice in Wonderland chart.  Having said that I was tempted with Justine’s suggestion of starting them all and seeing how many I got finished but knowing my track record I wouldn't even get one finished.  If I just concentrate on this one I might just get it completed this month and that in itself would be amazing!
I made a start yesterday evening and I am working on 20 count Bellano Aida in Fairy Frost Opalescent from The Crafty Kitten – it’s so soft and has some sparkle in the fabric which I don’t think the photo picks out.  I’m working two over one as the fabric is only 9 x 12 it should just fit on and I will make a tiny cushion out of it once finished to go in my new craft room.
I’m not sure if I mentioned that our youngest son has moved out and in with his girlfriend Vicky and Harlee-Jay so the larger, sunnier back bedroom is now available and so I have acquired that as my new craft area and the smaller bedroom will become our guest room instead.  We had new carpet fitted yesterday – Bryan had already papered the room so all I have to do now is get some furniture to go in the room.

Before any craft stash goes up there though I am going to catalogue everything and give everything it’s own place in the room.  My aim is to catalogue everything before it is allowed in the craft room.  It is an excellent opportunity now for me to really go through all my stash and only keep the items that I know I will use on a regular basis.

Today I have been working my way through my SU punches which are now on the bookcase and also in a hanging plastic shoe rack behind the bedroom door.  I still have some of space on the bookcase for some of the other brands of punches I have which I might get round to cataloging later but for now it’s time to sit and watch some tennis and add a few more stitches to Alice.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A month with Alice

Back in April I was reading Justine’s blog and she had just completed a sweet Soda Stitch picture.  I thought it was really cute and so went to check out their other designs and came across a couple of Alice in Wonderland charts by the same company and had making them for Savannah in mind. 

Justine is also working on another larger Alice design and with it being the 150 anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland we thought we would dedicate a month to an Alice stitching SAL.  Yes I’m starting another new piece – my problem is I also came across another (more grown up?) design and now I can’t make up my mind which one to start – which one would you choose?

While I’m at work this afternoon I will have to make up my mind so that I can make a start on it this evening.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Stitching update

The last couple of Sundays have been quite busy, either looking after (and recovering from looking after grandchildren) or working so there hasn’t been a great deal of time to be spent on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.  Here is how it looked this Sunday – I had managed to complete five pages of the chart but only a few more stitches were added this week.  Fingers crossed I will get more time on it this coming Sunday.