Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Next project

Below is a photo of the remaining contents from the Lollipop Box club kit after I’d made my Alice picture.  Plenty of washi tape, twine, a beautiful stamp and lots of other ephemera.  Also included in the kit was a very tasty lollipop.

There are so many wonderful handmade items which is of the things that I think makes the kit so special and all of the smaller items are pack and wrapped in smaller envelopes to keep them safe.  A lot of thought and effort goes into this kit and everything from the kit can be used, including the packaging, in some way or another.

I'm not being paid in anyway to say this - it's just how I feel about the kit and how impressed I am about the kit.  I've found it's challenged my creativity to use items that perhaps I wouldn't normally use and to USE every item for a variety of projects.
My next project is to make another picture from the rectangle that was cut out of the box the kit came in.  First step was to give it a coat of white gesso.
Before I went to work yesterday I managed to add some of the blue tissue paper that had covered all the gorgeousness in the first place and yesterday evening I loosely placed the items I thought I would use to complete the picture and that’s as far as I got.  Today I am hoping that when I get home from work I can complete the picture.


Lesley said...

What a great package of crafty bits and pieces you received,and the start of another lovely piece.

catherine said...

Sounds like a very good kit Linda. Looking forward to seeing what you make now from it
x catheirne

Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create Linda

Heather said...

Such a cool box :)