Saturday, 13 June 2015

Lollipop Box Club

There’s not been a lot of crafting going on lately, my  mind seemed to be all over the place with so many ideas whirring around inside but with nothing wanting to come out.  Does this happen to you often?

Anyway last month I decided to try out the Lollipop Box Club just to see what the kits were like - it's a new kit club and this was their first one.  It’s a monthly box of goodies of which you only know about certain elements you will be getting each month and the rest is a surprise - I love surprises.  More details can be found here. 

Well my Lollipop Box Club package was waiting for me when we came back from our holiday and I have to say I loved it.  This week I have been putting together a boxed picture using some of the elements from the kit and I recycled the box that it came in to make my 3D frame.  Apart from the Alice stamp, the cupcake stamp and some heart tissue paper all the other elements came with the kit.
I still have lots left over and I’m going to make another picture this time recycling the rectangle I cut out of the box and using another stamp I have with some of the other elements.  Even when I have done that I am sure I will have some elements left over to make some cards or ATC’s.

I have worked on this a little each day as some of those ideas finally decided to leave my brain and tell my hands what to do.  I have enjoyed the challenge of working with items I might not necessarily have put together myself – so much so I have decided to subscribe to the kit on a monthly basis.  I am so looking forward to receiving the Bon Voyage kit hopefully later next week.


Lesley said...

What a great idea,perfect for paper/card crafting enthusiasts. Hope your Bon Voyage kit delights you too:)

Lisa Saunders said...

Linda, this is just so stunning. I keep coming back and looking again and each time I spot something different. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm so happy that you loved your first kit. Lisa xxx Lollipop Box Club xxx

Preeti said...

Your artwork looks pretty!!:) Lollypop box looks like an interesting package!

Julie said...

You always create such lovely things. Your box certainly gave you great inspiration.