Thursday, 21 May 2015

Time flies when you’re having fun

The week seems to be flying by but our holiday has been very enjoyable and relaxing.  I did bring some stitching with me to do in the evenings and I was able to work on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler Sunday evening.  Page 4 is now complete and I made a start on Page 8 so I will be working right to left for the next four pages.
I also brought along Dr Who to work on and I have managed to put lots more blue stitches together this week – still loads more to go before I reach another colour though.

We have been very lucky with the weather, with the latter part of this week being sunnier than the beginning of the week where we did have a couple of showers – not that it has prevented us from going out walking each day.

Today we walked part of the way from Coverack towards Kennack Sands (we didn’t get as far as Kennack Sands though).  The sea is so clear and the colour so beautiful making it look very inviting but the only one who has dipped their toes in the water this week has been Max.
On our route today we went through the Terence Coventry Sculpture Park which is home to lots of metallic and rock sculptures. Beautiful works of art set besides breath taking views.

We then walked onto Black Head lookout and while we were there six helicopters flew by as a farewell to 771 Squadron after 76 years service.  Sadly the military rescue which this squadron provided is going to be privatised.

There are lots of lovely wildflowers to look at as you go along the coastal path including Thrift (at the top left of the first photo) and Sea Campion and beautiful daisies of some variety.

We walked on a little further to just past Beagle Point before deciding to head back to Coverack for re-fuelling!  After re-fuelling at the Paris Hotel we headed onto the beach for Max to have a paddle in the sea and cool down after his walk before buying an ice cream in the local shop and heading back to our holiday home.


Katy said...

Great progress!

Marlene jones said...

Your holiday sound delightful. Love your stitching

Heather said...

Great pics the color and clarity of the water is gorgeous.

catherine said...

I am so glad Linda that you have enjoyed your break away and pictures look great. Great progress on the stitching front too
x catherine

Lesley said...

Gorgeous pictures,the water is a wonderful colour.
Your stitching is a pretty as ever.

Christine said...

Great photos and the sampler is looking stunning

Justine said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday Linda, so relaxing. And some stitching too!

Julie said...

Looks like you've been having a super time Linda.