Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday, Sunday

Work continues on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler SAL and I am very pleased to report that I have now completed page 3.  This means I have completed a quarter of the sampler and I am so happy with how this is coming along.  I hope Kati and Barbi were able to enjoy some time stitching on this one too.
We also managed to fit in some furniture re-arranging yesterday.  The bed sofa has now been moved into the smaller front bedroom and all the oddly matched pieces of furniture have almost been taken out and will be sent to the tip next weekend.  We are then going to decorate the room and it is going to become my craft room – yippee!  Fingers crossed it will then mean I won’t be cluttering up the dining room table all the time LOL.

Don't forget to check out my earlier post on one of my new starts - if you can guess the chart I am working on then I am having a small giveaway for the winner.  I've had a few people enter so far - their comments have been kept off the blog for the moment but once the closing date is over I will publish them along with the winners name.  Thank you for taking time to look at my blog.


Julie said...

The colours in this sampler are so lovely, its always nice to see it each Monday after your weekends stitching.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda, how exciting your own craft room - lovely xxx

The sampler is looking gorgeous.

K x

catherine said...

Great stitching progress Linda. A new craft room!! That sounds really exciting and looking for4ward to seeing it when it is ready
x catherine

Marion K said...

Great progress !!

Lesley said...

This design is looking more snd more pretty

katica said...

looking great! I'm still working on the border... saving the middle for last, but I love watching yours come to life.

I just updated my blog.... I didn't post last week but I have both progress pictures up now...

Annie said...

Oooh, your own craft room...sounds like heaven on earth! My sister and I were just talking about what a joy that would be:) I love the colours on your sampler - they really POP!

Brigitte said...

You can be so pleased with your progress on this SAL piece