Saturday, 11 April 2015

Landscape WIP

This morning we spent some time in the front garden getting rid of weeds and generally tidying up ready to put some more plants in.  We then had a wander round one of the local garden centres to try and gain some inspiration as to which plants to put in the garden.  While we were there we had lunch. before heading off to collect DH’s new glasses.

When we got back I decided to get one of my many neglected WIP’s out and spent the rest of the afternoon working on Landscape from Yiota’s .  I spent a lot of the time working on lots of different colours on the left hand side of this piece and adding some more of the black window frames.
I’ve just got some more colour to add to the middle top section and then the top of the chart is complete.  Maybe now I’ve got it out again I can keep the motivation going and get this one completed before the end of the year – gives me eight months.
Tomorrow we are hoping to tidy up the back garden a little - there isn't really a lot to do but we want to try and stay on top of it this year.  We still have loads to do to it to make it look really nice and appealing but if we can keep it tidy we'll be happy until we have some spare cash to really do what we'd ike to it.


Mrs A. said...

You put me to shame . All we have managed to do today is to go down the shops,, stop for a coffee try to get on the internet (pigs will fly first) and then sit in the garden reading the newspaper before nodding off. Now trying o catch up on my iPad and dodge predictive text. Hugs Mrs A.

Annie said...

What a beautiful picture:) Your progress looks great! I'm sure you can finish it this year:)


Lesley said...

What a pretty design.I love flower designs,should do more of them.

Marlene jones said...

Gardening is more enjoyable if you do little and often, best when the sun shines. I love the colours in your WIP, hope you are able to get it finished, I must look at mine.

Annie said...

This is a beautiful piece, and you're doing lovely work!

Marion K said...

So many colours - but it looks great !!

catherine said...

I have also been trying to catch up with the weeding this last week Linda. They grow so quickly!!
Lovely stitching and lots of different colours there.
x catherine

blue star stitcher said...

That looks like a lot of confetti stitching, so time consuming!

Isn't it nice to be back outside in the garden after winter, and getting everything ready for spring!

Julie said...

It's looking beautiful Linda.