Sunday, 19 April 2015

Four little monkeys

It’s not often we get all four of our grandchildren together but today we took Logan and Savannah out to see their cousins Connor and Elisha.  We caught the train out to Bere Alson and then walked up the hill to our eldest son’s home.  We were able to enjoy a lovely sunny day out in the garden, the children playing on the trampoline, some of the toys Connor had received for his 8th birthday earlier in the week and water balloon fights.  Of course when there’s sunshine there has to be a BBQ and David cooked enough to feed us all several times over!
Connor playing with one of the foam bullet guns he got for his birthday while Savannah is hiding from him.
Elisha and Logan on her daddy’s motorbike.
A fun day with them all but now I’m looking forward to a quiet evening in.


Marlene jones said...

They do tire you out, but such fun .

Kate said...

Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

Karen K said...

Arh bless, so cute. Looks like a lovely day.

K x

Brigitte said...

What a fun day this must have been.

Lesley said...

How lovely that they could all play together,it is great when cousins can get together.A barbeque in the sun sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog.
Your stitching is lovely.
Great photos of your grandchildren too - they look like they are enjoying themselves.
Happy Monday x

Julie said...

What fun you all must have had. It's tiring being a grandparent but there is nothing better.

catherine said...

Beautiful pictures Linda and so lovely that you could all have some quality time together. Glad you all had a great day
x catherine

Anne said...

I love seeing them all together, we had our grandsons here for a few days at Easter and we teamed up with our granddaughters and had a wonderful time. We were also able to have dinner with both sons. D'sI.L. and grandchildren before eldest son and D.I.L. had to go back to go to work (Easter - and both in Medical Profession) we kept our grandsons for a few days. Great time but we were tired at the end :-) x

Darnell J Knauss said...

I am way overdue for a visit, Linda, and I'm so glad I came in time to see this wonderful updated photo of your four adorable grands!! They really loved the time with their cousins!! It was fun catching up with you! Enjoy the weekend!! Hugs, Darnell