Friday, 10 April 2015

450 out of 157556

Another naughty new start – this is going to be a present for my brother.  I came across the perfect chart from Lovemystitch.  I’m working on Zweigart 25 count Lugana White and one over one so the stitches are quite tiny -there are 450 of them in this picture.  The size of the finished design on the website used 14 count but I wanted to reduce the size and so switched it to the 25 count.  There are a total of 157,556 stitches so I know it’s going to take a while but it’s one which until I get to the main part of the pattern will hopefully grow at a reasonable pace.  If you can guess which design I am stitching then leave a comment and I will enter you into a draw for a giveaway of crafting product – just let me know you’re preferred craft and I will adapt the prize to the winner.  I will leave this open for two weeks.

I recently knitted a baby cardigan for my work colleague and friend for her cousin who had her first baby arrive safely on Saturday.  Julia wanted to pay me for it but I wouldn’t take anything for it as I did it as a favour for a friend.  Julia however had different thoughts and bought me these lovely roses and a gift card to say thank you.
I have managed to put in some more stitches on Tuesdays new start – still not enough probably for you to guess what style of picture this is going to be so I will do some more before I also do another giveaway for this one.
Today I have been busy catching up on the mundane housework.  The weather had been beautiful all week but today the sun is hiding but at least it’s not raining.  Looking forward to a relaxing weekend – hope you all enjoy your weekends whatever you may be doing.


Marlene jones said...

Lovely flowers, I think you are stitching the Disneyland design.

catherine said...

I have also been catching up on the chores today Linda!!
No still cannot guess what you are stitching but coming along and wow another new piece! You will be kept busy.
It was so lovely for you to receive those gifts
x catherine

Julie said...

Nice progress on your new start.
Love your roses and the ducky in wellingtons -he's sweet.

Justine said...

My guess is the Dr Who one with the Drs spilling out of the Tardis. It looks like a fun design to stitch! No idea what the second one could be. Your flowers are pretty.

Jay said...

the blue stitching is Dr Who's tardis and the characters heads and shoulders coming out of the tardis door J.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Have no idea what the new starts are, but I would be having a break down at the number of stitches in them.

Happy stitching, love the duck in wellingtons too

K x

Karen K said...

Is it Frozen (the Marshmallow guy)

K x