Thursday, 23 April 2015

1000 out of 157556

There wasn’t a great deal of stitching done last week but on Wednesday I was able to spend a couple of hours adding more blue stitches to one of the mystery stitches I have started.  This is the one from Lovemystitch and I was offering up one small giveaway to anyone who could guess which one of her patterns I was stitching.  The clues were that it was for my brother and the link to the page which showed the pattern.  The final clue is that this design has a cult following.  I will give people two more days to have a guess – so far there are two people who have guessed correctly.  I will announce the winner on Saturday 25th April.
It’s been extremely busy at work with a lot of personal upsets.  Our pharmacy manager’s mother in law committed suicide last Tuesday and our other pharmacist’s father had a heart attack while he was over here visiting.  We found out today that he needs a quadruple bypass operation but wants to go home to Poland – anxious times ahead for all of them.


Heather said...

I'm guessing Paris :). Looks great!

Heather said...

Oh I just read the rest of your post I'm sorry! That's rough!

Karen K said...

Is it Dr Who? the one with the Police Tardis box and all the Dr Who's falling out

k x

Lesley said...

Your project is like my main one at the moment,lots of stitches.Even putting in a few makes me feel I am closer to a finish:)
How very sad for your Pharmacy Manager and loved ones and an awful ordeal for your colleague's father.
Hope you get some time to dtitch this weekend.

catherine said...

Looks like progress is being made on this piece Linda.
Such sad news and thoughts are with all those concerned.
x catherine

Justine said...

Sorry to hear about your colleagues' family troubles - so sad. I was wondering how many blues were used in your 1000 stitches. You made a good start anyway!

Julie said...

Growing well. I'm saddened to read of your colleagues troubles.