Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Making the most of scraps

Firstly a big thank you to all of you who posted us anniversary wishes.

Today I travelled down to Mullion for the scrapbook class at Scrapbook Magic.  The journey down saw a real mixture of weather, initially raining with idiots driving past far too quickly and causing unnecessary water sprays and then beautiful sunshine broke through.  Thankfully the journey home was in sunshine.

One of the layouts we created we had to cut out some feathers using a Sizzix die.  I don’t like to waste beautiful Graphic 45 papers (this is from the Haute Couture range) and so I roughly cut out some circles and made several tiny roses out of them.
I’ve used a few of them on the layout I was putting together (it hasn’t been finished as I’ve yet to decide which photos to use) and I’ve still got some more scraps left so I will be making more of them to use on cards, etc.  I found it very therapeutic rolling these.  Simple but effective I think.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy Anniversary

Today it is our 31st Wedding Anniversary.  Here is the card I made DH for our anniversary – I really must love him as I used my precious Graphic 45 papers LOL. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

I’ve turned a corner

on the Cornwall Cottage sampler SAL.  I was able to complete the large motif from last week, two smaller motifs and the top internal vine border as well as make a good start on another larger motif.  Next week I won’t have so much time to work on it as I have to work on the Sunday Sad smile  Here’s a photo of the section I was working on this week.
And here it is showing all the progress I have made to date – still loving working on this one every Sunday.
Finally for today here is the February pocket, again a few embellishments to be added.  A slightly different pocket made this time and I have slotted the February list behind the pocket this time.  This was the first pocket I started working on as I got the paper pad in February so at the time it was the current month.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

January pocket

Here is January’s pocket of the birthday/anniversary book that I am making.  I still want to add some embellishments to the page.  The postcard slots into a small pocket so i can take that in and out to add important dates.  Behind that I have created a larger pocket which the cards that I need to make for that month will slot into.  It’s large enough to fit  several cards in up to at least 8 x 8 card size.  When all the pages have been completed I will bind them all with my Cinch.
After my pile of ironing was done this morning I was able to sit down and work on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler – I will post an update on that tomorrow.

I’ve just got back from the baby shower which was fun.  While it’s not a very good photo here is a picture of the scrapbook album I bought for Vicky to keep a record of those early precious moments .
Vicky is our youngest son's girlfriend.  They were together for several years but broke up the end of 2013.  Vicky met someone else which didn't work out, but fell pregnant by him.  At the end of the year Bryan and Vicky got back together and hopefully this time all will work out well for them - so in June (or May if he decides to arrive early) we will become step grandparents. Exciting times ahead.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Winner and another chance

Hello dear followers.  Three people guessed correctly that my mammoth new start was Dr Who’s Tardis and all the Dr’s tumbling out of it and they were 1) Justine, 2)Jay and3) Karen.  I have numbered them in the order that they  arrived in my comment box.
The winner is………
……….True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:1Powered by RANDOM.ORG  JUSTINE.  Congratulations Justine – if you could e-mail me with you snail mail address I will send a prize out to you.  Thank you to those who took part.

I am offering another giveaway for anyone who can guess the theme of this piece of stitching that  I was able to spend some time on yesterday evening.
I have acquired some new followers recently and I thought I would give them a mention and a thank you for joining me.  In no particular order we have Heather – Fantasy Cross Stitch – there are some amazing large pieces of stitching being worked on which should give me the constant inspiration I will need to complete the Dr Who project.

Next up we have Marlene – Poppy Patchwork – lots of lovely photos of her garden and cross stitch projects. 

Stephanie – couldn’t find a blog for this lady but if you do have one please let me know.

Marion – Nadelei - a lovely blog with beautiful cross stitch projects and and the kind lady gives out sweet little free cross stitch charts from time to time too.

Today I have been to the Exeter Scrapaholix crop and as usual enjoyed their wonderful company.  I didn’t do any scrapbooking but worked on my birthday/anniversary book using the gorgeous Graphic 45 Time to Flourish papers.  I managed to make the January, February and April pockets, just a few embellishments to add to them before they are finally complete – I will try and take some photos of them tomorrow providing the sun comes out to play.

Tomorrow is SAL day which I am looking forward to – I am really hoping I can get the corner motif finished and work on the internal border.  I’ve also got a baby shower to go to in the evening – must wrap the gift up in the morning.  I’ve bought some practical bodysuits and bibs for baby and a scrapbook album and matching paper pad for mum to capture those early days in baby’s life.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

1000 out of 157556

There wasn’t a great deal of stitching done last week but on Wednesday I was able to spend a couple of hours adding more blue stitches to one of the mystery stitches I have started.  This is the one from Lovemystitch and I was offering up one small giveaway to anyone who could guess which one of her patterns I was stitching.  The clues were that it was for my brother and the link to the page which showed the pattern.  The final clue is that this design has a cult following.  I will give people two more days to have a guess – so far there are two people who have guessed correctly.  I will announce the winner on Saturday 25th April.
It’s been extremely busy at work with a lot of personal upsets.  Our pharmacy manager’s mother in law committed suicide last Tuesday and our other pharmacist’s father had a heart attack while he was over here visiting.  We found out today that he needs a quadruple bypass operation but wants to go home to Poland – anxious times ahead for all of them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

SAL update

After having so much fun with the grandchildren on Sunday stitching time was very limited.  I did manage to get about two thirds of the large corner motif completed though which I am very pleased with.  I’m hoping it won’t take me much longer to complete page four.
Here is how the sampler is looking in full – still a long way to go but I now have a good idea how wide the piece is going to be.  I’m not sure how I’m going to finish this piece once all the stitching is complete.  I’m thinking rather than framing it perhaps turning it into a large cushion which can go into the craft room.  Knowing how quickly we work at decorating they could both end up getting finished at the same time later in the year LOL!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Four little monkeys

It’s not often we get all four of our grandchildren together but today we took Logan and Savannah out to see their cousins Connor and Elisha.  We caught the train out to Bere Alson and then walked up the hill to our eldest son’s home.  We were able to enjoy a lovely sunny day out in the garden, the children playing on the trampoline, some of the toys Connor had received for his 8th birthday earlier in the week and water balloon fights.  Of course when there’s sunshine there has to be a BBQ and David cooked enough to feed us all several times over!
Connor playing with one of the foam bullet guns he got for his birthday while Savannah is hiding from him.
Elisha and Logan on her daddy’s motorbike.
A fun day with them all but now I’m looking forward to a quiet evening in.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mmm tasty

It was the tag workshop at Scrapbook Magic today and whenever I go down there I always try to take some homemade cake with me.  This time it was the marble chocolate ring cake from the wonderful book Mary Berry’s Baking Bible that DH bought me for Christmas.  I think they enjoyed it as between 5 of us there was only half a cake left to bring home.  DH and DS2 were much relieved that it wasn’t all eaten so that they can get to try some too!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday, Sunday

Work continues on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler SAL and I am very pleased to report that I have now completed page 3.  This means I have completed a quarter of the sampler and I am so happy with how this is coming along.  I hope Kati and Barbi were able to enjoy some time stitching on this one too.
We also managed to fit in some furniture re-arranging yesterday.  The bed sofa has now been moved into the smaller front bedroom and all the oddly matched pieces of furniture have almost been taken out and will be sent to the tip next weekend.  We are then going to decorate the room and it is going to become my craft room – yippee!  Fingers crossed it will then mean I won’t be cluttering up the dining room table all the time LOL.

Don't forget to check out my earlier post on one of my new starts - if you can guess the chart I am working on then I am having a small giveaway for the winner.  I've had a few people enter so far - their comments have been kept off the blog for the moment but once the closing date is over I will publish them along with the winners name.  Thank you for taking time to look at my blog.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Landscape WIP

This morning we spent some time in the front garden getting rid of weeds and generally tidying up ready to put some more plants in.  We then had a wander round one of the local garden centres to try and gain some inspiration as to which plants to put in the garden.  While we were there we had lunch. before heading off to collect DH’s new glasses.

When we got back I decided to get one of my many neglected WIP’s out and spent the rest of the afternoon working on Landscape from Yiota’s .  I spent a lot of the time working on lots of different colours on the left hand side of this piece and adding some more of the black window frames.
I’ve just got some more colour to add to the middle top section and then the top of the chart is complete.  Maybe now I’ve got it out again I can keep the motivation going and get this one completed before the end of the year – gives me eight months.
Tomorrow we are hoping to tidy up the back garden a little - there isn't really a lot to do but we want to try and stay on top of it this year.  We still have loads to do to it to make it look really nice and appealing but if we can keep it tidy we'll be happy until we have some spare cash to really do what we'd ike to it.

Friday, 10 April 2015

450 out of 157556

Another naughty new start – this is going to be a present for my brother.  I came across the perfect chart from Lovemystitch.  I’m working on Zweigart 25 count Lugana White and one over one so the stitches are quite tiny -there are 450 of them in this picture.  The size of the finished design on the website used 14 count but I wanted to reduce the size and so switched it to the 25 count.  There are a total of 157,556 stitches so I know it’s going to take a while but it’s one which until I get to the main part of the pattern will hopefully grow at a reasonable pace.  If you can guess which design I am stitching then leave a comment and I will enter you into a draw for a giveaway of crafting product – just let me know you’re preferred craft and I will adapt the prize to the winner.  I will leave this open for two weeks.

I recently knitted a baby cardigan for my work colleague and friend for her cousin who had her first baby arrive safely on Saturday.  Julia wanted to pay me for it but I wouldn’t take anything for it as I did it as a favour for a friend.  Julia however had different thoughts and bought me these lovely roses and a gift card to say thank you.
I have managed to put in some more stitches on Tuesdays new start – still not enough probably for you to guess what style of picture this is going to be so I will do some more before I also do another giveaway for this one.
Today I have been busy catching up on the mundane housework.  The weather had been beautiful all week but today the sun is hiding but at least it’s not raining.  Looking forward to a relaxing weekend – hope you all enjoy your weekends whatever you may be doing.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New, new, new

Firstly a new start – I know I have lots of unfinished projects which I really should be looking to finish but....!  Now that I have finally had my eyes tested and got some prescription reading glasses I can see clearly again in the evenings to stitch so I am going to rotate my new starts (yes starts) alongside outstanding projects.  This new start is from an old Cross Stitch Gold magazine, I’m not going to show you a picture of the completed design just yet I'll do some more and when it resembles something that you may recognise I'll have a little giveaway for guessing the subject matter.
My next new item is this lovely set of pins which I couldn’t resist when I saw them on The Primitive Hare’s blog recently.  I ordered the sheep set along with the pumpkin set and a set with birds nests and eggs – trust me they are so cute and so sweet in real life.  They will be strictly for ornamental use as I would hate to break any of them if I used them on my stitching projects.
And finally some new stamps arrived through my letter box today.  I love Tim Holtz stamps but sometimes the sentiments on his sets aren’t quite what I’m looking for to use on everyday cards.  As I was browsing the web for something else I came across this set of Simple Sayings which will be just perfect for my cards.
The weather continues to be sunny this week – great for the children who are on Easter break at the moment.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Another week

has flown by.  I hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays.  Easter Sunday only saw a few stitches added to the Cornwall Cottage Sampler SAL as we had two of our grandchildren round with us from the afternoon which was most enjoyable.  We had already visited our other two grandchildren in the morning delivering the Easter eggs.  A fun day.
It was back to work for me yesterday Sad smile and again today.  Maybe one day we’ll win the lottery and we can enjoy an extended vacation LOL.