Saturday, 14 March 2015

First 3 squares

Yesterday evening I dusted off the crochet hook and started my first few granny squares with the lovely yarn from African Yarns.  I did watch a couple of tutorials on You Tube and followed the instructions by Bella Coco and after three squares I think I might have finally remembered the instructions.  I’m going to use the cream yarn I chose to create a border and join them all together.  I’ll follow these instructions until I have used up this order of yarn but for future projects I will probably do just two chains to go round the corners instead of three to make them a little sharper.  The yarn is really lovely to work with – no splitting when using the crochet hook which  has happened with some of the yarns I have used in the past. So lovely and soft to work with and I can’t re-iterate enough how gorgeous the colours are.  I am also pleased that all the squares have come up the same size so my tension is consistent.  I couldn’t quite master holding the yarn how it was suggested in the video so I had to adapt that to suit me but I guess so long as all the squares turn out the same that doesn’t really matter.
We’re off to the movies this afternoon after we have  treated ourselves to some lunch.   The sun is shining brightly and we are going to be indoors for most of the day!


Kate said...

Crocheting is like riding a bike - you never forget! :) Whatever you make from these squares will be beautiful ... the colours are gorgeous! Enjoy your date today.

Anne said...

Your squares look good Linda. Good to have your thoughts re the yarn. I can't HD yarn how it's suggested in various crochet videos - have to do my own thing :-) x

Justine said...

Gorgeous granny squares Linda and nice to hear that you're pleased with the yarn.

Karen K said...

they look wonderful Linda, well done, gorgeous colours.

K x

Mii Stitch said...

They look gorgeous!!! Really wish I had the time to learn to crochet, I would love to make a granny blanket :) Have fun!