Friday, 27 March 2015

Crafting time with Logan

Logan broke up from pre-school yesterday, but Savannah still had to go to nursery and apparently he seemed to take great delight in telling her he was going to spend the day with Nanny Linda on his own!  We have managed to take Max for a lovely walk down the creek and then called in to see my parents who are always delighted to see him.   On our way home we called into the shops as mum had given Logan and Savannah some money to buy them some sweets.  Now while Logan may have been bragging to Savannah that he was going on his own to our house he didn’t forget her and when he picked up one of the Kinder eggs he picked up a fairy one for her (no prompting from me) – it was so sweet. We then came back and set up the Thomas the Train track and then started the serious business of making some Easter tricks for his mum, dad and sister and of course one for himself
Logan helped turn the handle of the Grand Caliber to cut out the curvy keepsake shapes, punched out the wings, beaks and feet and helped stick them all together.  We then filled the boxes with mini eggs (one or two may not have made it into them as we had to check quality control).    It’s been a fun day.



Marlene jones said...

Sounds great fun.

Kate said...

Logan is a sweetie! Good on you for introducing him to crafting. :)

catherine said...

Sounds like you and Logan have had some really good quality time together and sounds like a lot of fun as well. have a good weekend
x catherine

Lesley said...

What a wonderful way to spend your day:-)

Karen K said...

Oh lovely, precious times

K x

Julie said...

Oh Linda, precious time ..... great little chicks you made.