Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A weeks holiday

I have this week off work.  I started the week off by taking Max for a lovely walk around Kit Hill yesterday, one of my favourite places to walk.  We got there just after 9.30am and it was obvious that a lot of people go there at that time of day.  There were lots of cars in the car park but as there are so many different ways to walk around Kit Hill we only actually met a couple of other dogs and their owners.  We walked up to the top of Kit Hill and took a photo of the view from one direction and the stone which has names of places you can see and the distance to them.  Unfortunately it was a bit overcast so the view was not as good as it is on a clear and bright day, but still breath taking none the less.
We walked around for almost and hour and a half enjoying the views and the birdsong of the many birds hidden in the gorse and undergrowth.  Normally we walk to the disused quarry and Max will have a paddle in the water but it was a bit too mucky to walk that way this time.

After our walk I called in to Framin’ Crafty and finally picked up my Early Witches stitching – I love it even more now it has been framed.  I just have to find a place to hang it up.  In the afternoon I made some Easter baskets ready for more Easter treats to be put in.  I will finish decorating them later in the week as well as filling them with treats – I’m trying not to leave it until the last moment this Easter.

Finally yesterday evening I made a start on another baby cardigan for my work colleague whose cousin is expecting her first baby in less than four weeks – will need to work hard on this to get it done in time, although she has asked me to do this one in the next size up.

Today I had my hair cut before taking mum food shopping.  We did visit one of the local garden centres first for a look around and then enjoyed a toasted tea cake and hot drink – got to have some enjoyment before doing the more mundane tasks!  Then this afternoon I took mum and dad to the opticians. 

The sun came out midday so I managed to clean the inside of my car and wash off my car after some rather large birds had decided to leave me one of their unwanted messages.  My sweet little daffodils are now coming out and giving some colour to the front garden and I can also see some blue Muscari. We also have Primroses coming up.  I must pull out that weed that I have just seen in this photo!
I am anticipating rain tomorrow as DH came home and cut the grass LOL.  I hope it doesn’t though as I am meeting my friend Lisa tomorrow and we are hoping to wander round Topsham.  We will be half way through another week – why does time always seem to go quicker when you are on holiday compared to when you are at work?


Justine said...

I hope you find out the answer to that last question! Kit Hill sounds lovely. Could we see a photo of your framed finish?

Marlene jones said...

When you have little or nothing to day the day rushes past.....enjoy the rest of you break.

catherine said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy Linda. Hope you enjoy your week of work and can fit in some stitching plans
x catherine

Karen K said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely week off Linda, enjoy K x

Julie said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely week off Linda with lots of lovely enjoyable things happening.

cucki said...

So sweet...
I love daffodils so much xxx