Monday, 30 March 2015

SAL update

The weather was atrocious yesterday so what else can you do but spend the time stitching.  I have completed the flower border of the third page and almost the inner vine border too.  I am hoping Easter Sunday will bring another day with plenty of stitching hours as I aim to complete page 3 of this lovely piece.  I wonder how Kati and Barbi got on with theirs this week.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Crafting time with Logan

Logan broke up from pre-school yesterday, but Savannah still had to go to nursery and apparently he seemed to take great delight in telling her he was going to spend the day with Nanny Linda on his own!  We have managed to take Max for a lovely walk down the creek and then called in to see my parents who are always delighted to see him.   On our way home we called into the shops as mum had given Logan and Savannah some money to buy them some sweets.  Now while Logan may have been bragging to Savannah that he was going on his own to our house he didn’t forget her and when he picked up one of the Kinder eggs he picked up a fairy one for her (no prompting from me) – it was so sweet. We then came back and set up the Thomas the Train track and then started the serious business of making some Easter tricks for his mum, dad and sister and of course one for himself
Logan helped turn the handle of the Grand Caliber to cut out the curvy keepsake shapes, punched out the wings, beaks and feet and helped stick them all together.  We then filled the boxes with mini eggs (one or two may not have made it into them as we had to check quality control).    It’s been a fun day.


Monday, 23 March 2015

Progressing nicely

I was able to get quite a bit of stitching in on Sunday.  Page two is now complete and I’ve made good progress on page three tooSmile I’m still thoroughly enjoying working on this every Sunday.  Off to see how Barbi and Kati have got on this week.
Back to work for me today Sad smile

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Four more from 6 x 6 tutorial

I spent some of yesterday evening working through more of my scraps and made another four cards using the same 6 x 6 tutorial I used in my post of Thursday.  Different sketch and papers used this time.  The stamps I used for the focal point on these cards are all from Clearly Besotted.
Today I have been die cutting, spritzing and sticking together the start of a flower bouquet at a workshop run by Anja of Ophelia Crafts in Exmouth.  I managed to assemble four flowers today but have more to put together before my bouquet is complete.  Another fun day of crafting shared with friends.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Partial Eclipse and Lopwell Dam

Today the UK had a partial eclipse – in the Plymouth area we were supposed to have witnessed about 86% coverage of the sun by the moon.  If we did then it was difficult to tell as the morning started off with hazy cloud and I have to be honest the partial eclipse only seemed to make it feel as though I’d woken up to a grey day.

DH had taken the day off work and we had decided to go to Lopwell Dam for a walk.  There was a hazy sunshine when we arrived, no breeze and it was low tide which meant we were able to walk across the dam and wander round the nature trail.

The ruins of old Ferryman’s cottage can still be seen and all around the trail there were lots of primroses brightening up the place.

The Old Pump House has been turned into a restaurant and visitor centre and we were able to sit out on the terrace and enjoy a hot drink and delicious homemade chocolate cake.  They allow well behaved dogs there which is always in a places favour as far as we are concerned.  I can never understand how our furry friends are barred from so many places, especially as unruly children never seem to be barred.  Thankfully there were no unruly children there and we had a lovely time enjoying the view.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A day out with friends

Today I took my friends Allie, Jacqueline and Moya down to surprise Margaret at Scrapbook Magic – we succeeded and it was lovely so see the look of surprise on her face.  We spent an enjoyable day chatting, browsing the shop with lots of laughter thrown in.

This evening while watching the tennis I managed to make five cards from my scraps using a tutorial by Kristie who actually makes a stack of cards using one 6 x 6 paper pad and various sketches.  The original tutorial can be found on her blog The Best Things In Life Are Pink.  There is also a fabulous video on You Tube showing the process but using a different paper pack.  Very inspirational and I think just the thing I needed to try and use up some more of my scraps.
The sentiments that I have used are from Clearly Besotted Stamps and the flower stamp came free with a craft magazine – love them both.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I picked up my Early Witches on Monday, I decided on a simple black frame.  I’m still thinking whereabouts in the house this will hang.
Today I met up with my friend Lisa and we spent a couple of hours in Topsham wandering along the river Exe and enjoying the lovely sunshine.  We called into the antiques and collectables place – there were lots of interesting curiosities although nothing that I felt I wanted to buy.  I was taken back to my childhood when I saw some Rupert the Bear annuals and Wade Whimsie animals.
Lots of lovely houses and side streets to wander down, a very enjoyable day.

Here are some the Easter treats I have been making.  They are made with the SU curvy keepsake die and I got the idea from You Tube  They are so cute – just need to buy the treats to fill them with now.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A weeks holiday

I have this week off work.  I started the week off by taking Max for a lovely walk around Kit Hill yesterday, one of my favourite places to walk.  We got there just after 9.30am and it was obvious that a lot of people go there at that time of day.  There were lots of cars in the car park but as there are so many different ways to walk around Kit Hill we only actually met a couple of other dogs and their owners.  We walked up to the top of Kit Hill and took a photo of the view from one direction and the stone which has names of places you can see and the distance to them.  Unfortunately it was a bit overcast so the view was not as good as it is on a clear and bright day, but still breath taking none the less.
We walked around for almost and hour and a half enjoying the views and the birdsong of the many birds hidden in the gorse and undergrowth.  Normally we walk to the disused quarry and Max will have a paddle in the water but it was a bit too mucky to walk that way this time.

After our walk I called in to Framin’ Crafty and finally picked up my Early Witches stitching – I love it even more now it has been framed.  I just have to find a place to hang it up.  In the afternoon I made some Easter baskets ready for more Easter treats to be put in.  I will finish decorating them later in the week as well as filling them with treats – I’m trying not to leave it until the last moment this Easter.

Finally yesterday evening I made a start on another baby cardigan for my work colleague whose cousin is expecting her first baby in less than four weeks – will need to work hard on this to get it done in time, although she has asked me to do this one in the next size up.

Today I had my hair cut before taking mum food shopping.  We did visit one of the local garden centres first for a look around and then enjoyed a toasted tea cake and hot drink – got to have some enjoyment before doing the more mundane tasks!  Then this afternoon I took mum and dad to the opticians. 

The sun came out midday so I managed to clean the inside of my car and wash off my car after some rather large birds had decided to leave me one of their unwanted messages.  My sweet little daffodils are now coming out and giving some colour to the front garden and I can also see some blue Muscari. We also have Primroses coming up.  I must pull out that weed that I have just seen in this photo!
I am anticipating rain tomorrow as DH came home and cut the grass LOL.  I hope it doesn’t though as I am meeting my friend Lisa tomorrow and we are hoping to wander round Topsham.  We will be half way through another week – why does time always seem to go quicker when you are on holiday compared to when you are at work?

Monday, 16 March 2015

Cornwall Cottage Sampler SAL

After our tea yesterday I was able to settle down to an evening of stitching and I’m really pleased with the progress I made.  I have just a few more flowers to complete on the central design and then page 2 of the sampler will be complete.  I know I say it most weeks but I am really enjoying stitching this as with all the little motifs it feels as if I’m constantly making tiny finishes all the time.  While I don’t want to wish the time away I’m already looking forward to working on it again next Sunday.  I wonder how Barbi and Kati have done this week?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother’s Day

I had to work half day today – could have been worse as I was due to work all day but my dear friend and work colleague kindly swapped with me.  It meant I was able to spend time with my mum this afternoon instead.  I’ve had some lovely cards, chocolates and a lily to plant from my children which I will enjoy eating and seeing grow.
Yesterday we enjoyed lunch at Bella Itallia and then went to watch Will Smith in Focus –  lovely meal and a brilliant movie.  In the evening I crocheted a couple more squares and watched some more tutorials for different squares which I might have a go at this week.  I also made a start on Easter treats for family, friends and work colleagues.  A thoroughly enjoyable weekend an a great start to my week off work.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

First 3 squares

Yesterday evening I dusted off the crochet hook and started my first few granny squares with the lovely yarn from African Yarns.  I did watch a couple of tutorials on You Tube and followed the instructions by Bella Coco and after three squares I think I might have finally remembered the instructions.  I’m going to use the cream yarn I chose to create a border and join them all together.  I’ll follow these instructions until I have used up this order of yarn but for future projects I will probably do just two chains to go round the corners instead of three to make them a little sharper.  The yarn is really lovely to work with – no splitting when using the crochet hook which  has happened with some of the yarns I have used in the past. So lovely and soft to work with and I can’t re-iterate enough how gorgeous the colours are.  I am also pleased that all the squares have come up the same size so my tension is consistent.  I couldn’t quite master holding the yarn how it was suggested in the video so I had to adapt that to suit me but I guess so long as all the squares turn out the same that doesn’t really matter.
We’re off to the movies this afternoon after we have  treated ourselves to some lunch.   The sun is shining brightly and we are going to be indoors for most of the day!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Cards for Mother’s Day

Creative time has been lacking this week but I knew today I had to make a couple of Mother’s Day cards for this weekend.   Lacking inspiration was also an issue but I saw a fun video tutorial by Connie Stewart and adapted her card design to suit the occasion.  I love the clean and simple style that Connie uses and how she uses just two strips of cards to make a variety of cards from them.  I love the idea of her flash cards but for UK card sizes you need to adapt the size of the strips to fit across the card which is simple enough.

I’ve used one of my favourite embossing folders to create a background for the strips to go across.  I’ve also used up some scraps of Summer Starfruit double sided papers for one of the strips and the flowers were cut from that strip of paper on the card – once the piece of card goes on top you don’t see the punch outs.  I did have to use an additional piece of Whisper White cardstock for the sentiment using some stamps that came free with the latest Creative Stamping magazine.  The punches I have used are from SU.  So thankfully I am now ready for Mother’s Day.

It’s been a very productive day today, as well as the cards I have managed to make a cheese and celery loaf, a lentil loaf, carrot and celery soup, ratatouille and a lemon cake.  Time now I think to sit down for a while with a coffee and browse through my crochet book.

I notice I have gained a few new followers - thank you for joining my blog - I hope you like what you see and I will come by and check out your blogs too.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

New venture

Many, many years ago when I was a child I was taught how to crochet by a lovely lady that my mum was a home help for (now known as home carers).  During the holidays my mum was able to take me to work with her (something I am sure would not be allowed now) and I used to sit with the lady in question and we would crochet while my mum did the household chores.  Once I left school I didn’t do any crochet and a few years ago I did a refresher course with the intention of taking it up again – I even bought a couple of books to help give me a visual reminder but they remained tucked on our bookshelf.

This week on one of the blogs I follow I saw that Michelle of Michelle’s Stitchcraft place is starting a new business venture using eco-friendly yarns from South Africa.  I decided to pay the African Yarns website a visit and while I was there a few balls of the yarn fell into a basket and before I knew it had been checked out – that was on Tuesday evening and this morning they arrived – very quick service.  The colours are beautiful – as you can see I have picked a variety of colours as I just couldn’t decide on one colour.  The intention is to make simple granny squares to get me back into crochet again.  They are so soft and the colours look far better in real life.  All I need to do now is dust off my crochet hook and crochet book and make a start on using them.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

SAL update

This Sunday I was able to enjoy a leisurely afternoon of stitching in the conservatory while also enjoying a cup of coffee with Barbi (figuratively speaking).  It was great being able to make the most of the natural light for a change.  I was very pleased with the amount I was able to stitch this week as I was also trying to watch the Davis Cup tennis (fantastic match) – I think I managed to do both quite well and hopefully I haven’t made any mistakes.  The outside border of page 2 is now complete and so I am now concentrating on the basket section of page 2. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Very little time

was spent on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler this week.  It was my turn to work on Sunday so I didn’t get time to stitch on the SAL until early evening.  I’ve managed to add another red flower to the top border and a few more leaves on the inside green border.  Unfortunately I only spent about an hour on this as I felt too tired to do much else and I didn’t want to risk making any mistakes.  I am hoping that this Sunday will be far more productive – I would like to at least get the outside borders completed on page 2 and try and start putting in the central image.


Work has been extremely busy this week but I am hoping for a more relaxing day tomorrow as it’s the Tag Workshop class at Scrapbook Magic – I know for sure it will be a day of fun and laughter. 


On Friday Clare Charvill the UK Graphic 45 Ambassador will be down there doing a workshop – there may be a space or two left so if you are interested then do give Margaret a ring – they will be making a lovely tag holder and included in the price is a very tasty lunch.