Thursday, 5 February 2015


Last year for my birthday DH bought tickets for us to go and see Wicked and after waiting patiently for nearly nine months (something I have done three times before LOL) it was time to see the show last night.  It was certainly worth the wait as it was totally wicked and I loved it.  I didn’t know the story behind the show other than it was done as an explanation as to why the witch of the west became wicked in the Wizard of Oz (one of my all time favourite films).  The story was brilliant, the performance was outstanding and the scenery and effects amazing.

This was the curtain they had up before the show – not the best photo but it shows the landscape of where the story took place.
Talking of wicked I have finally finished the Halloween SAL from Primitive Hare so my first finish of the year.  I loved stitching this piece and can now allow myself to join in with one of her other SAL’s – just need to decide which one from these two – On Wednesdays We Stitch Black or 12 Days of Christmas.
Now to decide on which of my other WIP’s that I will concentrate my efforts on next.


Lesley said...

The show sounds awesome and congratulations on finishing your withches,a great design.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

The show looked WICKED ! as does the witch finish - well done you.

Thank you so much for my lovely card and my Luna Lapin pajama kit for my birthday.

K xxx

Barbi said...

We went to see Wicked a couple of years ago and we LOVED it! Congrats on the finish, it looks great!

Kate said...

Linda, your witches piece is lovely. Wicked sounds wonderful.

Julie said...

Super finish.
What a great night out.