Thursday, 19 February 2015

Shiny Stuff Paper Artsy Topic 2

I’m using the mannequin to take part in the Paper Artsy challenge topics.  Topic 2 was to use Shiny Stuff and so I’ve used some Treasure Gold on the petals that I had stamped out for topic 1 fragile papers.  It has helped highlight the embossed print on the fragile paper that I used to create the skirt on the mannequin.
Here is how my mannequin is looking at the moment.  Topic 3 has already been posted on the Paper Artsy blog and it is to use Paint.  I need to get my thinking cap on now to decide how I’m going to incorporate the paint topic – who knows I might even get it completed in time to add it to their link this time! But I doubt it LOL.


Karen K said...

looking beautiful Linda, just amazing.

K x

Kate said...

Linda, you're so creative! :)

Julie said...

Very effective.

Brigitte said...

It's coming along great, Linda.

Anne said...

WOW looks fabulous. x