Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cornwall Cottage Sampler

Sunday proved to be a very busy day.  I always go over to my parents on a Sunday morning for my breakfast and then down to MIL’s for morning coffee but added to that I had to cut DH’s hair for him.  We also needed to get some food shopping after that so it wasn’t until about 2pm that I was able to sit down and finally get a couple of hours worth of stitching in.  A couple of hours was all I was able to do as I was meeting the girls from work for something to eat before we went to the cinema to watch Fifty Shades.  Now I’ve not read the books and initially it didn’t appeal to me but a night out with the girls sounded very enticing.  I have to confess I enjoyed the film and thought it was very tastefully done considering all the hype I had heard about the books, etc.  There is actually a story behind it all - just have to wait for the next film to be made out and released at the cinema to find out what happens next.  I still don't intend to read the books though.

Anyway here is the progress photo of the Cornwall Cottage Sampler which I am still very much enjoying.  It’s the only stitching that I have been doing recently – must rectify that sometime soon!


katica said...

looking great! I really am loving your fabric choice for this!

Barbi said...

I love this on this fabric! Pretty Pretty!
I saw Fifty Shades on a girls night out too, and I liked the movie! I haven't read the books though, But I am going to borrow them and read them as my "camping" reading series this summer.

Justine said...

What a pretty sampler! I started reading the first book but gave up and have no intention of watching the film. I must be an old prude!

Julie said...

So very pretty.

I had a conversation with my mum about 50 Shades yesterday, a 90 year old at her seniors bingo afternoon brought her all 3 books in a brown paper bag as she thought she might like to read them, and you know what, my mum is enjoying reading them! No one at my book group has read the books.

catherine said...

Sounds like you did have a busy day Linda. Glad you enjoyed the film(have to admit read the first 3 chapters of the book and never picked it up again!!)
Your stitching progress is coming along nicely. Yes it was the same craftathon that I went to and it was lovely to meet Wynneth,
x catherine

Karen K said...

It's coming on Linda and looking beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the film, not read the books or seen the film and unlikely to if I am honest, you know me don't do the movies!

Have a lovely weekend my friend

K x