Friday, 23 January 2015

Pickety Witch

Pickety is the third witch on this SAL.  I’ve managed to get a few hours of stitching in today in between jobs and hope to get some more in tomorrow.  Apologies if you are getting bored with the updates but I'm hoping that it will help keep me motivated to finish it as soon as possible.  Would be nice to get an outstanding WIP finished this month.
Max had a check up at the vets today and they are happy with his progress so far.  Short walks on the lead while he has his stitches in place is all he is allowed at the moment.


Katy said...

Love seeing all the updates! Great progress!

Mrs A. said...

Your witches are looking fab. Glad to hear that Max is on the mend. Must have been a worrying time for you. Hugs Mrs A.

Lesley said...

Good progress on Witch no.3 I love her head:-)

Lesley said...

Hoping Max continues his good recovery and theop. has been a conplete success.

cucki said...

And she is lovely xx

Julie said...

Never bored with this, its nice to see how much you get done at each sitting.
Hope you have some of the lovely sunshine I have today and can get Max out for a little wander.

Karen Kebby said...

Not bored at all, it's great to see your progress.

Glad Max is on the mend

K x

catherine said...

Great progress with your stitching Linda and this is what your blog is here for you for. keep up with the updates because it will motivate you to keep going and is great for all us to see. Might even motivate me to finish a few things(lol). have a lovely weekend
x catherine