Saturday, 24 January 2015

Celebrating Burn’s Night

We have just spent a very enjoyable evening at my brother in law Keith’s house celebrating Burn’s Night.  His partner Emma had decorated the table with tartan, Keith had bottles of Burns ale in place and before the start of the meal we said the Selkirk grace.
Emma and Keith piping in the haggis and playing the address to the haggis before we all raised a toast to the haggis.
During the main course and dessert we took it in turns to read out the verses of To a Mouse, one of Burn’s poems in very bad Scottish accents which caused a great deal of laughter.  I love the Scottish accent but our attempts varied from sounding anything from Cornish to Irish with a slight Scottish twang thrown in every now and then.

Emma’s sister had brought along a stereotypical hat with wig attached which we all took turns in wearing which was then followed by a general knowledge quiz on Scotland.   The evening was rounded off with Auld Lang Syne.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, lots of fun but we also learnt a lot about Robert Burns which we hadn’t known before so a very cultural evening too.

Earlier in the day (which has been a nice sunny day) we cleaned the cars inside and out, something which needed doing badly but with the rainy days we have had of late not had chance to do before.

Once that chore was out of the way I was able to sit down and put some more stitches into the halloween SAL  Pickety Witch is now about two thirds complete.  I probably won’t get to do anymore of this until Monday as tomorrow is the Cornwall Cottage SAL.


Kate said...

Looks and sounds like lots of fun, Linda. :)

Barbi said...

Looks like you had a great time! This project is coming along nicely. YEAH Cornwall day tomorrow!!!! woo hooo

Lesley said...

Looks like great fun was had celebraing Burns night.He wrote a poem called Bonnie Lesley,and I have Highland Scottish heritage but I don't think my name was chosen for me because of it.
Pickety Witch is coming along well.

cucki said...

beautiful stitching..
fun time...enjoy x

Emma/Itzy said...

Looks like you all had good fun! :)

Karen K said...

Sounds like great fun Linda xx What a brilliant evening.

k x

Julie said...

What a fun night.