Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Stitching and Reading review

A total of eleven projects were completed in 2014 of which only one of them was from the 2013 WIP's - far too much temptation came my way which led to new starts which were at least finished each time.  I only failed to complete one new start in 2014 which was the Halloween SAL from Primitive Hare so that will go onto my outstanding WIP's which means this total will remain at 14. Must try harder this year!

I managed to read a total of 14 books throughout the year which considering I usually only read during my meal breaks at work and while I'm on holiday isn't too bad.  I wasn't able to finish my current read before my annual leave started so have brought that one home with me and should be read within the next couple of days.  It will give me a quick start to this years tally.

I was going to post some pictures of the thank you cards I made yesterday but as some of the recipients read my blog I am delaying their posting until they have been received.

I shall be popping into town later today as I need to pick up a couple of threads for a project I am working on as a gift.  I am hoping that I will get some time to work on the project while DH is out with some of his friends.
My first step towards completing projects and getting more organised for this year took place yesterday evening.  I'd made this yearly reminder in December 2013 at a Scrapbook Magic workshop but had never actually got round to adding important dates to it.  Last night I finally punched out some labels and wrote down birthdays and anniversaries that I need to be prepared for each year and stuck them on.  I'd still like to add some more decoration to the yearly reminder but it is a step closer to being complete.


Kate said...

I like your yearly reminder. Do you ever forget to look at it? :D

Julie said...

Well done on your projects for 2014.
A lovely notice board.