Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A new tradition

A couple of years ago I bought this jigsaw puzzle at a local garden centre and up until today it had been tucked away gathering dust.  At the weekend I was doing some sorting out and came across the puzzle and thought it would be a nice idea if we (DH. DS2 and myself) challenge ourselves to get it completed by Christmas.  This idea then led to me thinking it could become a new tradition for our household to complete a Christmas themed puzzle each year.  This one is called Santa’s Workshop and is No 5 in the collection so if all goes well and we complete the challenge I will be looking for further puzzles in the series.
I made a start on it this morning trying to find the outside pieces and managed to put about two thirds of the outside edges together before it was time to leave for work.  When I got home from work this evening DH and DS2 had found the rest of the outside edges and the border was complete - it was lovely to have them join in without being prompted.  I’m hoping that we can put some of it together each evening and enjoy watching it progress every day.  The papers are from stash that I have had for a few years and it’s my intention while doing the December journal to only use what I have already got – no new acquisitions for this project!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea for a new tradition. The jigsaw is lovely x

Lesley said...

Making a jigsaw is a lovely idea..
For many years of my dad's marriage to my step mum he bought her a Christmas themed jigsaw,often Thomas Kinkade, to make over Christmas,she always looked forward to receiving it.

Julie said...

A wonderful idea and as the grandchildren grow they will also be able to help.

My name is Wynneth said...

Great idea for a family project Linda, I'm sure you'll get it fully completed in time !


Alyssa F said...

Our family loves doing puzzles on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I love this idea of a new tradition. :)