Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This evenings progress

I have completed another bauble – well apart from some gold backstitching which I will do when all the main stitching is complete.  Fingers crossed tomorrow I will try and get the pom pom on the penguins hat finished as it is only one colour to be filled in so no counting.  This is just as well as I will be crafting with my friends tomorrow and my concentration skills are not always that great when I’m stitching with others!  I’m also hoping that by trying to post an updated picture every day might just help with the final push to get this completed asap.


Julie said...

Have fun with your friends.

I'll be putting the first stitch into mine this evening, just as you are completing yours lol.

cucki said...

so lovely x

catherine said...

Hi Linda- hope you are well and sorry for not having been around for a while.
Your stitching project looks fabulous and definitely making some great progress. Will look forward to more
x catherine