Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Halloween mystery SAL

Part two is progressing slowly, I’ve probably completed about half of it.  Part three arrived in my inbox last week.  With shift swaps time on this piece has been limited this month, after this week I will be back to my normal working pattern so hopefully I will get caught up with this soon.  I really would like to get it completed for Halloween this year.
The Christmas stocking has received more attention this week and it won’t be long before I can start working on the top half of the stocking.  Just a few more stitches on the present which I hope to get done tonight.  I’m leaving the gold thread back stitching until the very end as I don’t want to crush the stitches in the hoop. 


Mrs A. said...

Crumbs Halloween is not that far away. What happened to all the other months. Can't wait to see your penguin in all this finished glory. Hugs Mrs A.

Julie said...

Lovely fabric you are stitching on for this SAL.

Guess what .... I've got my stocking chart, got a busy couple of weeks coming up, then i'll get it kitted up and make a start .....what was that, did I hear you say 'about time too' lol

Karen Kebby said...

Looking good Linda x