Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Garden Journal –Aprils Showers

Over the bank holiday weekend – on the Sunday in fact I finally put the finishing stitches into April’s Showers from the My Garden Journal series.  I loved this one and only made one mistake which was easy to rectify.  I was also able to make a start on May’s but this has come to a standstill for the minute due to the fact my dad was taken into hospital on the bank holiday Monday.  He’s recovering well from the problem that he was taken in for but there are a few other issues which are now being dealt with so it could be a little while before he is back home again – so it’s been a lot of to and fro to the hospital this week for us.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How I celebrated my birthday

We caught the Cremyll ferry over to Mount Edgcumbe on a cloudy and overcast day.
We walked through some of the gardens and past the small lake where we saw this small group of baby geese.
Admiring the beautiful wild flowers as we walked along the coast path and the view towards our intended destination of Kingsands
On arrival at Kingsand we stopped off at this local public house for our dinner and liquid refreshment admiring the steep, narrow roads that form Kingsands.
After the battering the west country took with the storms earlier in the year this building with it’s clock tower was in danger of falling into the sea so remedial work is being done to hopefully ensure it’s safety for a few years yet.
After lunch we walked around the corner to the neighbouring Cawsands and further along the coast path before returning to enjoy an ice cream as the sun had come out.  We sat and admired the sea views while waiting for the Cawsand ferry to take us back to Plymouth.
While on the ferry I took photos of the one of the lighthouses in Plymouth Sound, a naval ship and Fort Picklecombe which is no longer a fort but residential accommodation.

We arrived back in Plymouth at The Barbican and while walking back into the city centre we came across these fish – the equivalent of the Wallace and Gromit statues in Bristol.
Mother–in–law had kindly baked me a cake and in the evening DH took me out to my favourite vegetarian curry house where I thoroughly enjoyed a vegetable biryani and chapati.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Poppy Power’s first challenge

Believe it or not I am still crafting and I’ve finally got round to making a card for Poppy Power’s first challenge.  I’ve used the lovely Gerbera  Daisies image and opted to use green, yellow and orange from their colour inspiration picture.   There’s also a hint of pink in there as I’d forgotten what the fourth colour was and mistakenly used pink instead of purple/lilac LOL.  There have now been two more challenges put up for this month so I am hoping to get something put together for them as well.

Last week I managed to complete the wedding invitations I’d been asked to make for our Godsons wedding in November and a wedding card for a work colleagues whose son is getting married in June on the lovely island of Rhodes.  A little bit of cross stitching was also done and I hope to be sharing a finish with you soon.

Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of my 21st birthday and I had a lovely day but I will share photos of that another day.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kynance Cove to The Lizard holiday walk

 I've finally got round to posting some of the photos we took while on one of our walks from our recent holiday cottage break.  The day these photos were taken were on our actual wedding anniversary and while it started out as quite overcast it ended up being hot and sunny.

The first few photos were taken while we sat and enjoyed tea and cakes.  We saw some little birds looking for crumbs and a couple of artists at work.

The lovely colours of the rock were amazing and Max enjoyed the rock climbing.

We stopped off at a lovely cafe shop and as the sun had decided to come out we were able to sit outside and have our lunch.  Again another little bird came along to see what was on the menu.

This Victorian lifeboat house at Polpear Cove is no longer in use but was where rescuers saved the lives of 167 people when the liner SS Suevic sunk in 1907

Further round the coastal path is The Lizard lighthouse.





 As we walked further along we passed the Lizard Wireless station which houses in two wooden huts.  This is the oldest surviving, purpose-built wireless station in the world used by Marconi for pioneering experiments.

 So many beautiful views to take photos from - the views were beautiful.
Back at the cottage I was able to sit out in the sunshine and do some cross stitching.  This feathered friend used to come up to the french doors of our cottage at the same time every evening - I think probably hoping that we would feed him.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Anniversary trip photos– warning lots.

Our train all set up for our champagne breakfast which consisted of a glass of Bucks Fizz followed by a choice of either cereal, porridge or melon with yogurt.  We then had a choice of either a full English breakfast or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a muffin.  Copious amounts of tea/coffee and toast, croissoints with preserves.  This was served to us at about 7 in the morning.  Around 11 o’clock we were treated to more tea/coffee with a choice of Danish pastries – definitely no need for lunch when we arrived at Canterbury.
Canterbury cathedral is an amazing place, so much bigger than I had realised and so much beautiful architecture and stained glass windows to admire.  It’s amazing how they were able to build such buildings of beauty in those days.  We were lucky enough to hear the choir practicing while we were there – so uplifting and so very relaxing.
The picture above is in memory of where Thomas Beckett was murdered.
A selfie taken with the mirror which was set up so that you could see one of the beautiful ceilings that are in the cathedral.  All too soon it was time to head back to catch our train back.  Back on board the train there was a half bottle of wine waiting to go with our evening meal along with canapes.  We were treated to a four course meal which consisted of a starter of blue cheese souffle for me and leek and ham hock terrine for Ian.  Next up was a deliciously tasting watercress soup.  Our main meals consisted of prime fillet of beef for Ian and a lovely roasted butternut squash with a tasty breadcrumb and herb topping for me.  Dessert was a delicious apple flan with strawberry coulis and clotted cream.  We we also had another glass of champagne – it was perfect.

On our return trip we passed Dover Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover and lots of beautiful countryside – it was a fantastic weekend.