Sunday, 2 March 2014

You spin me right round

David, Vicky, Connor and Elisha came round to visit us yesterday afternoon so we took advantage of the lovely sunny day again and spent some time playing in the local park.  Elisha had great fun spinning me round and round on the roundabout.  It was a great way of using up some of Elisha’s energy – I only wish I could bottle it and save it for when I’m running low on energy.

I’ve also been a little naughty and put a few stitches in a new start.  It was the piece of stitching I was going to do instead of 7 Virtues but at the time I didn’t have all the threads.  I’ll wait until I have put a few more stitches into it before I reveal what the actual finished picture will be.  This will be the piece I work on when I have a few spare moments before going into work and Wednesday evenings when I go round to Moya’s.  I really need to try and finish Yiota’s landscape picture – I will try and concentrate on that in the evenings this week.  I will be sending off for March’s Daffodil from The Patchwork Rabbit next weekend so once I receive that I know it will be the only thing I will want to work on.  I have a freebie in mind to stitch this month too – so lot’s of stitching variety planned.


Julie said...

Super pics of your adventures in the park, its nice that the sunshine is out and we have warmer, finer days to look forward too.
Have no idea what your new start is .. i'll have to wait till you reveal the pic, or do a bit more lol.
Have a lovely week Linda xx

Saxo Stamper said...

I would have been as giddy as a kipper on the roundabout, in fact I probably would have been sick ! !

Lovely to see the sunshine isn't it.

Curious to know what the stitching is.

K xxx

Kate said...

What a sweetie pie Elisha is!