Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday evenings progress

I spent a couple of hours Sunday evening working on Yiota’s landscape while watching Call the Midwife.  I missed the first series.   Now I’ve started watching the second series I am regretting not seeing them from the beginning.  Anyway here is where I had left the landscape back in January
And here is the progress I made on it last night.
Here are some more flowers that are in our garden at the moment.  I have lots of these Hellebores (Christmas Rose) growing at the moment.  Last year their leaves were looking worse for wear so I made the decision to cut them right down and I wasn’t sure they would survive my brutality but they have thrived.


Diane said...

Wow, wonderful colors on the landscape design. The Hellebores are very pretty.

Hugs diane

Julie said...

We're Call the Midwife fans here, my dad was born in Poplar in 1936!
Lots of stitching achieved on your beautiful project and the helibores looks beautiful, they are such a lovely and delicate flower.

Kate said...

Your Hellebores are beautiful and so is your stitchery ... you have so much patience to do large projects.

Mrs A. said...

Your archways are looking good. Can't wait to see the rest of the design. I like the look of hellebores but don't have any in my own garden. Going down the garden centre later today for bird seed so might just have a look and see if they have any left out on display for sale.
Need to start thinking of which seed packets to buy as well but this weather doesn't invite you to think of gardening at the moment. hugs Mrs A.