Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring has sprung

I’ve finally finished March’s Daffodil.  Remember I mentioned I had an annoying frog with the white daffodil – well it would appear that he didn’t go away completely.  I found him lurking today as I was working my way down the left hand border.  Just as I was getting to the bottom I realised it wasn’t going to match up.  The mistake I’d made wasn’t in that border but in one of the first sections I had worked on.  I couldn’t face unpicking the stems of the daffodils so I made some minor adjustments to the placement of the wording instead.  While I think this is a pretty stitch I am sure glad that it is now finished.
The boys have been busy in the garden today.  We had a tonne of gravel delivered yesterday to the front of the house which then had to be shifted to the back today.  A lot of shovelling and pushing of a wheelbarrow took place this morning.  After lunch they made two more planters to go with the ones they have so far made and then the gravel could be put in place.  So far we have had two tonnes of gravel delivered and we think we are going to need at least four more to cover the ground required in the garden.  This is just a small section of the garden – still it will keep them busy for a few months LOL.  Tomorrow I will be adding some more plants to the planters and deciding how many more I will need and what sizes for the rest of the area to be worked on.  While it still looks quite bare at the moment it’s a darn sight better than a load of black ground cover with weeds growing through it.


Kate said...

Spreading that gravel around is a lot of work but your backyard looks good. Love your stitchery.

cucki said...

Beautiful stitching..
Happy Sunday hugs x

Anne said...

Lovely stitching. X

Julie said...

Spreading that gravel is good exercise for someone, it does look nice with your plants in the planters.