Friday, 14 March 2014

Oh to bottle time

I have just got back from another terrific workshop at Scrapbook Magic.  Today we did a mixed media canvas and it was fun, fun, fun.  At first I was filled with fear and apprehension when after Margaret had shown us how to apply the texture pastes through stencils she said to look through the embellishments and create your picture.  I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do – there was so much to choose from and I wasn’t sure how to put the embellishments together to make something anywhere near a cohesive state.
I decided to pick a word and try and work my way round that – I chose time, something we all wish we had more of and then thankfully some inspiration came.  While we were waiting for the texture paste to dry we were able to plan out our picture on a scrap of paper.  Once we were happy with our embellishments we then decided on what colour scheme to go with.  The paints we used were the Paper Artsy Fresco paints and were applied using baby wipes – loved the paints and loved the softness of colour you got from using the wipes to apply them.
The phrase on the canvas says Imagine if I could bottle time how amazing it would be.  I used TH words for most of it but there wasn’t the word bottle so I used a embellishment to represent the word instead.  The playing cards, dice and domino represent that I would be able to have so much more playtime if I could bottle time.  This workshop has given me so much inspiration for the three canvasses I bought last weekend and made me realise that it’s so much fun to just let the creativity take shape bit by bit and just let my imagination go.


Kate said...

Very clever and imaginative, Linda. I'm in awe.

Margaret Bishop said...

So glad you jenjoyed your day, lovely having you ladies vist me at Scrapbook Magic. See you again soon. X

Mrs A. said...

This looks total fun. wish we really could bottle time! Your finished work is perfect for representing it.hugs Mrs A.

Sandee Setliff said...

love it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Anne said...

Very impressed Linda. I would have been very afraid. Anne x

Jay said...

Hello Linda,

You have made a marvellous piece of art, so clever, love the bottles, love it all.

Julie said...

Very clever idea, its wonderful Linda.
Not sure I would want to bottle some of the times I've had recently.