Sunday, 23 March 2014

March’s Daffodil

We were lucky enough to look after our two youngest grandchildren yesterday and as the sun was shining we took them for a walk along the creek.  While we were down by the creek we played pooh sticks with Logan and a man had brought a remote control speedboat onto the water which also kept Logan and Savannah fascinated for a while.  We took them in to see my parents for a while before walking back home where unfortunately it decided to start hailing – luckily it’s only a short distance from their house to ours.
In the evening I made a start on the next Garden Journal series – March’s Daffodils.  I made steady progress but didn’t get as much as I would have hoped done during the evening.  I’ve been in work today but hope to put in quite a few more stitches now I’m home – not sure this one will get completed in a weekend but will give it a good go.


cucki said...

So pretty x

Josie said...

It's looking great so far! I love the rustic look of linen - Beautiful!

Julie said...

This is going to be a pretty one.

Anne said...

Look forward to seeing it finished Linda. Thank for visiting and leaving your lovely comments. Anne x