Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Happy Mail

Last year I did a stocking SAL with Julie and a couple of other stitchers and Julie used this Janlyn kit to make her grand daughters stocking.  I thought it was absolutely beautiful watching it grow and to see the end product was even better.  Julie has been kind enough to send me the pattern so that I can also stitch it (once I have completed the three I need to do for my grandchildren so that they each have one).  Julie also included all the threads that were left over and as they are standard DMC colours any additional ones I need will be easily obtainable.  Perhaps knowing I have got this one to look forward to stitching will give me the added incentive to get the three remaining stockings completed asap.  Thank you so much Julie.
March’s Daffodil is making steady progress – I have been slightly distracted by the tennis tournament in Miami the past few evenings so not as much done as I had hoped.  I also had trouble with the large white daffodil and had to unpick it three times on Sunday evening.  I then left it until Monday morning before trying to get it right which thankfully I did.  I’m putting it down to being tired after having to go into work on Sunday.  A little more has been added to it this morning before I went into work and hopefully once the Murray match has finished I will add some more.
Yesterday after work I called in to see my friend Moya and added a few stitches to the Wizard of Oz – I will post an update of this later in the week.  I’m over halfway with this one so hope to get it finished by mid April.  I have so many more projects lined up ready to take it’s place LOL.  The landscape hasn’t had any stitches added to it in the past week but once the March project above is completed I will spend some more time working on that one.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitches and the stocking is so cute too
Hugs x

Julie said...

Oh no.. not a frog visit on your daffodil, glad he's hopped off now! It's really pretty.

So pleased the stocking chart has a new home.

catherine said...

You seem to be making progress Linda with your stitching projects. It's so frustrating having to unpick!
I must admit to not having done much stitching at all this year. Creativity took a real dive at the beginning of the year and has just started back again. Maybe will now pick back up my stocking for this xmas(lol)
x catherine

Anne said...

Aww, that was so nice of Julie. I look forward to seeing you stitch the stocking, it's a lovely design.