Saturday, 15 February 2014

Stocking update

The weather was absolutely horrendous again yesterday, gale force winds and raining so hard for most of the day.  So once some chores were done I sat down and put some stitches into the Christmas stocking.  The penguin almost has a complete face and is holding onto his Christmas present.  I am hoping now that I have started working on it again it won’t take me quite as long as it did to complete Connor’s stocking.  Having said that Connor’s stocking was all filled in with cross stitching, Elisha’s is just the main image and a few other images dotted around.
Here is a picture of the piece of stitching I did for the Secret Sweetheart Stitching hosted by Jo on Valentine’s Day.  The pattern was a freebie from Nikyscreations.  I omitted the buttons in the middle when I initially made this up as I wasn’t sure whether to add them or stitch some initials in there instead.  I think I will add a button or two if I can find the right ones in my stash.  The fabric I stitched on was a piece from Crafty Kitten and the backing fabric was from SU.  It was a quick, easy and fun stitch to do.
The weather has been better today lots of sunshine but also lots of heavy showers at times.  Not sure what tomorrow holds but I’m sure I’ll find something to keep me busy.


Kate said...

Elisha's stocking is coming right along. Your heart project is quite lovely. Seems there is crazy weather happening all over this winter but don't envy you all that rain. :(

jocondine said...

Hi !
Thanks for leaving a comment on my sweet heart.
I'm visiting your blog today... love your "snowflakes are kisses from Heaven" and scrapbooking cards too.
Best wishes ;)

Julie said...

Your penguin is looking lovely Linda, so bright and colourful.
Such a pretty design you stitched and made up for the valentine blog hop, redwork always looks so elegant