Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Late night stitching

I stayed up until just past midnight to complete 7 Virtues and although I might regret that later today I am very happy with the completed stitching.  I have a friend who has very much enjoyed watching this one grow and admiring it – I have said I will leave it to her in my will.  I will hopefully get to take it to be framed soon and be able to proudly display it on one of our walls, although I have also thought about turning it into a quilted wall hanging – the jury is out at the moment on that.
I noticed our Camelia bush is flowering so surely Spring is on it’s way.  This plant has lots of buds on it and I just hope we don’t get any harsh frosts which might ruin them.  It was quite nippy this morning with just a slight white covering of the grass but the sun is shining brightly – more rain though is forecast over the next few days Sad smile


Saxo Stamper said...

Absoluately beautiful Linda, the stitching is stunning and such a welcome site to see the camelia out in flower, well done you, another one completed.

K x

Kate said...

7 Virtues is a lovely piece, Linda, and a lovely photo of your camelia. You're so fortunate so see signs of spring - we're still well into a deep freeze.

Julie said...

Stunning finish, no wonder your friend loves it.
The camellia is one of my favourite shrubs, your pink is gorgeous. Ours buds are still very tightly shut... boo hoo!

Vickie said...

Wonderful! OH! That camelia is so pretty!

Jay said...

Hi Linda,

A very lovely piece of crosstitch, just right on my wall!

The camelia looks pretty good too. Good Photograph.