Friday, 24 January 2014

Snowflakes emerging

Yesterday I discovered the first snowdrops appearing in our front garden.  It’s nice to see some colour finally coming up in the garden again – hopefully they won’t get ruined by more rain.
There are also some snowflakes emerging on a new stitch I started yesterday before going into work.  I bought the lovely January’s Snowdrop from the My Garden Journal series of charts from the Patchwork Rabbit at the beginning of the year.  I initially started stitching it on a different piece of fabric but the snowdrops weren’t showing up as much as I would have liked so I changed it to some Mocha linen I had in my stash – this works so much better.  I’ve got a week to get it completed as I’d love to stitch one of them each month – the end product in my mind is a fabric book of all the designs.  I thought I’d try and match the designs up with a coordinating fabric for that month and make a block out of them.  I would stitch two of the designs back to back and then lightly pad them to make the pages of the book.  There is a cover design to go with the series which I would stitch as well. Big ideas – I wonder how it will go!


Karen K said...

Gorgeous Linda x

Christine said...

Lovely snowdrops, the stitched one and the real ones

Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea for these lovely designs Linda when you've stitched them all.

We've got some little daffs poking out of the soil, but after todays hailstorm I think they might wish they were still underground.

Natasha said...

Love snowdrops, they are always the first flowers to emerge even during the cold weather :)