Monday, 13 January 2014

First finish of 2014

I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon working on the stocking but in the evening I made a start on this sweet little stitch which Isabella, owner of Primitive Hare kindly put on her blog as a freebie.  I managed to get two thirds of it stitched last night and finished stitching it today.  I’m just going to make it up as a small pillow.  It was stitched on some lovely hand dyed fabric I purchased last year from The Crafty Kitten.  The colour is Bramble Liquer and it is a 16 count aida and I’ve only used a quarter of the piece I had.  I’ve got several 9 x 12 pieces from the Crafty Kitten which I will probably use for small stitched pieces.  It is my intention to try and get one small piece stitched and finished each month.  I’ve acquired a few freebie charts from designers who have been kind enough to put them on their blogs so I have plenty to keep me going for quite a few months.
Also today I have picked up one of the outstanding WIP’s – this was the landscape picture from Yiota’s which I was lucky enough to be given some time ago to review.  This is what it looked like when I picked it up today.  Updates will be given later in the week.

We’ve had hailstorms this afternoon and it has turned quite a bit colder.  I managed to time Max’s walks just right today and so far I’ve managed to avoid getting wet.  Roll on Spring!


Emma/Itzy said...

Sweet finish! :D I have this one in my to do list too! :)

Kate said...

Love that finish!!

Christine said...

What a lovely little finish

Julie said...

Lovely little finish Linda, I saw that one too.

Shari said...

very nice!!! I saw this freebie too & really liked it, but wasn't sure about the letters on the side....not knowing what it spelled or meant!!

Annie said...

a beautiful creation for Imbolc, Linda. Will you be doing the other 3 cross quarter festivals too? I would like to see all 4 made up into a larger project .. .. might tempt me back into stitching this year!
hugs, annie x

Karen K said...

Love the sheep x the other is also beautiful

K x

My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on getting a stitched project completed so soon after the start of the new year Linda. It is cute, I'm intrigued by the letters on the lefthand side, can't quite make out what or if they spell something ! LOL That fabric looks lovely.

Good luck on getting more done on your Yiota's WIP.

See you tomorrow evening I hope.

Anne said...

Love all your stitching Linda. Thanks for comment on my blog - I have to wait for the results from the hospital. Hoping all is well with my heart . Anne x

Isobel -Argante- said...

Adorable!!! Thanks so much my dear :)))) It's so cute with the grey fabric, I love it!!!