Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cotehele Christmas Garland

On Wednesday last week I took Mum to Cotehele house to see the gorgeous fresh flower garland that they put up every year for Christmas.  As you walk into the hall where it is put up to hang you can not only see it’s beauty but also smell the lovely fragrances of the hundreds of thousands of flowers that make up this magnificent sight.

We will be putting up our decorations this week but they won’t be a patch on these.


Kate said...

That's awesome, Linda!

Julie said...

Such magnificence, beautiful. I've loved seeing this Linda, thanks.

Christine said...

How gorgeous. Every year I say I'll go to see that, but I never seem to find the time

Karen K said...

This is a sight isn't it, just amazing, I can almost smell the flowers.

Enjoy putting up your decorations.